I'm with Viv on this one. I never went to any school dances when I was in high school.

Thanks for the comments, everyone. They're very amusing. :)
Rosie11 | Oct 13 2010 10:58 pm | Reply
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First Antonious | Oct 13 2010 11:15 pm | Reply
I never went to a dance either.

Sato_chu_chan | Oct 13 2010 11:33 pm | Reply
Only dance I went to was prom
with a bunch of friends
it sucked butt >T except all that free cake *drool*

cliffi | Oct 13 2010 11:42 pm | Reply
I went to school dances just because i liked to dress up. I never really had fun at them and now that I look back on them they were a waste of time hah

Meg-comics | Oct 14 2010 12:10 am | Reply
I still support VivxEric XD!!
When Eric realized that Cora doesn't pay attention for him... 8D~

Ms_Mayhem | Oct 14 2010 05:27 am | Reply
Sweet Jesus I wand Cora and Eric together.... xD
I love this though. :)

PaperPlatePhace | Oct 14 2010 06:08 am | Reply
Vivian and Eric can go together. RIGHT?

Ponyta | Oct 14 2010 05:23 pm | Reply
Except prom, never gone to a dance before either... And then again, in PROM, I was just sitting there, eating and wondering if I should step in and dance too... LOL :P Hope all goes well for them :P

iAndrya | Oct 14 2010 05:37 pm | Reply
NOOO, just make Cora un-oblivious and we're all set! :D

PudgyFudge | Oct 14 2010 07:26 pm | Reply
Aww I love school dances.

cossette (Guest) | Oct 14 2010 09:43 pm | Reply
dude, i was on the committee that planned the dances and decorated for them and everything. But, oddly enough the only fun thing about the dances was setting up and tearing down.

Guest | Oct 15 2010 06:35 pm | Reply
lalala<3 luvz dancez

Seros Senric (Guest) | Oct 15 2010 08:35 pm | Reply
I also never went to any school dances. I don't even know if my school had school dances (but then I tended to be rather oblivious to things that didn't interest me).
Although, at our leaver's dinner there was a rock disco thingy happening, and I succumbed to peer pressure and danced a bit in the mosh pit, which surprised at least half the class that they saw me dance (in a mosh pit no less).

Dance Dance Revo...No. Token (Guest) | Oct 15 2010 09:03 pm | Reply
I was normally not into school functions at all. But whenever my highschool had a dance i'd be all over it. Trying to be in every picture and dancing with as many girls as possible. It was worth it for all the crazy looks i'd get on monday!

Merione | Nov 26 2010 03:12 am | Reply
........in my country we don't have school dances.....whats with school dances anyway??

Sky (Guest) | Jan 07 2011 09:52 pm | Reply
Lol, I remember one of my first High school dances, I bought the ticket and walked in, and not a soul was there. xD One of the most awkward experiences in my life was just standing there, knowing that the DJ's were watching me. And I couldn't leave 'cause I thought that would be too mean.
Anyway, great comic!

Kitsuuu~ (Guest) | May 28 2011 09:31 pm | Reply
I never go to dances. I dislike them, too loud and I don't dance (Great now I sound like HSM....

Colleen (Guest) | Jul 03 2011 08:00 pm | Reply
High School dances were lame at my school, The Middle School dances were WAY better

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