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Seros Senric (Guest) | Oct 16 2010 02:17 am | Reply
And this is about where things start going really wrong or really right.
We want happinesses! And a strange lack of possibly-embarrassing situations!

Also, dresses! ..and for some reason I remember being annoyed/confused that on free dress days at school we were never actually given any free dresses. I don't wear dresses being male and all, but I didn't understand why there was that false advertising. Until someone explained what they meant by it, and then I figured that I may as well continue complaining about nobody getting a free dress anyway :P
Just something random.

omgfruits | Oct 16 2010 02:46 am | Reply
Gah! So cute. x3 They all look so pretty~
I love Ruth's outfit. c: Jusst sayin'xD

I'm hoping that something goes on between Cora and Eric. *squee!!*
Ericora? :p

Bartimaeus (Guest) | Oct 16 2010 05:35 am | Reply
I suspect it wasn't "free dress" in the sense of "giving away dresses", as much as "wear whatever you want, within limits".

Seros Senric (Guest) | Oct 16 2010 05:41 am | Reply
Yes, as was explained to me fairly early on. But after that I decided that I could continue complaining every free-dress day for the amusement value :P
Besides, getting free stuff would have been a lot better I think. I like free stuff.

Guest | Oct 16 2010 09:04 am | Reply
They look good
(EicXCora <3)

DarSasu | Oct 16 2010 09:23 am | Reply
They all look so pretty! And Ruth looks so mature!
I'm hoping for some Eric x Cora at the dance ;)

*Suki* | Oct 16 2010 11:08 am | Reply

8D I'm loving that purple dress that Amy has on.

:3 Lila (Guest) | Oct 16 2010 12:10 pm | Reply
to omgfruits : ericora ! i love it ! :D

so great comic !!!

pleaseee... some ericXcora :3

iAndrya | Oct 16 2010 11:18 pm | Reply
Omg I love Cora's dress. I want it. D:

enchantma | Oct 18 2010 12:00 pm | Reply
I hope he's awesome!
Their outfits are all so pretty!

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