... and computers never lie! Right? ;)

Don't worry, some good stuff will happen before the end of this chapter.
Rosie11 | Nov 01 2010 11:58 pm | Reply
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*Suki* | Nov 02 2010 12:25 am | Reply
Either it's a mismatch, or they needed to talk more to find out more that they might've had in common. ouo;;


daPhyre | Nov 02 2010 01:28 am | Reply
Computers never lie, are humans which make errors with computer results =P

But in this case, I only can wait to see what is it going to come nn~

CactusJuicy | Nov 02 2010 03:30 am | Reply
Cora's power revealed soon maybe :o?

RS (Guest) | Nov 02 2010 09:08 am | Reply
okay,I don't know what just happened but....hmmm...

APV (Guest) | Nov 02 2010 06:38 pm | Reply
In this kind of situation, it's best to hang out in a group. It's hard to break the ice when you're really just getting to know someone for the first time...

RS (Guest) | Nov 03 2010 01:34 pm | Reply
I just realized.I agree with Suki.

Random (Guest) | Nov 03 2010 06:41 pm | Reply
No, computers never lie, they just take in your data and make you debug seemingly perfect code for several hours -__-'

rocketcandy393 | Nov 03 2010 08:34 pm | Reply
...Wow...Love this! But Cora reminds me a lot of Cathy from this one show...eh?

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