There's a reason for all this arguing, really.
Rosie11 | Nov 03 2010 11:55 pm | Reply
Advertisement | Jul 20 2018 09:11 pm | Reply

Post A Comment | Nov 04 2010 02:05 am | Reply
Uh oh! He doesn't have to be so blunt about it? x)

CactusJuicy | Nov 04 2010 03:27 am | Reply
He's blunt because he's in denial.

Abild | Nov 04 2010 03:28 am | Reply
be nice!

*Suki* | Nov 04 2010 04:28 am | Reply
Uh oh.....More arguing XDDD

RS (Guest) | Nov 04 2010 07:02 am | Reply
Oh,wow they did fail. I didn't that coming.

Blade-Edge | Nov 04 2010 02:00 pm | Reply
which one's eric again

Bunnyremix (Guest) | Nov 04 2010 02:31 pm | Reply
Personally, I don't think the computer is to blame here. It doesn't matter if some program says two people are a match; if they don't know each other, it's a given it'll fail. Even if they do know each other, there is still a huge chance things won't work out. (God forbid one of them actually likes someone else.) You can't determine a relationship on a gamble a machine came up with. There's no guarantee that two thinking organisms are going to do what a machine determined. Just because you're not someone's "match", doesn't mean you can't date. And just because you /are/ someone's "match", doesn't mean things will automatically work. It's better to meet people on your own and have actual experiences with them before something like that is determined.

Also, matchmaking without at least one of the people's consent is just rude. So, I think this failure was a form of karma on the club's part. That's just how I see it.

Don't get the wrong idea, I enjoy this comic, but I don't like it when people butt into other people's love lives when said people didn't ask for help. All those other times someone asked fro help, so the club's actions were okay. But this time around, NO ONE asked, so this was just being nosey.

^^; Again, I do like this comic. Sorry if I'm coming off as rude.

If it ain't broke... aodaliaren (Guest) | Nov 04 2010 05:21 pm | Reply
I've got to agree with Bunnyremix seems that Club Love is learning a lesson. They can't always be successful - people can be judged as compatible but still never ever conceive of themselves as wanting to be in a romantic relationship with the other person.
The important thing is - how will Cora's power be revealed/identified as they discuss what went wrong?

Meg-comics | Nov 04 2010 10:34 pm | Reply
See? They two are always arguing~~ oh love is love ;)

werekitty13 | Nov 04 2010 10:40 pm | Reply
Funny, I'm seeing both EricXCora and EricXViv in this one's comments. Interesting...
Eric, ask Cora out already!... Oops, did I type that out loud...?

Gypsygirl | Nov 05 2010 04:10 am | Reply
Yay her talent must be to solve arguing or something :D

Right?? :D

Bruh (Guest) | Nov 05 2010 05:08 am | Reply
Jumping on the EricxVivian ship.

*Suki* (Guest) | Nov 05 2010 07:51 am | Reply
>3> <3< -stays on the EricxCora ship-

RS (Guest) | Nov 05 2010 09:10 am | Reply
Ya know I did always thought through this dilemma that sometimes Club Love should just leave it and watch it happen than to interfere with it. Ya know, take a break?

now supporting VivxEric! Moo (Guest) | Nov 05 2010 05:26 pm | Reply
*huggles them both*

daPhyre | Nov 05 2010 06:01 pm | Reply
Oh my ·~·..

Where is this going to go? ·~·'

YoTwisted | Nov 06 2010 10:22 am | Reply
totally in the EricxVivian ship :D

a little spaz-attack and some info, and life goes on ^.^ theericfangirl (Guest) | Nov 07 2010 09:57 pm | Reply
im sorry, YoTwisted, but i have to disagree with u...


*ahem* sorry about that...

(btw, 4 those of u who dont know, but 'PWN' means pawn, and 'PWND', which is pawned... AND NOW U KNOW.)

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