Oh, by the way, I'm going to switch to updating twice a week - I just have too much stuff to do. So the next comic will be Wednesday!
Rosie11 | Nov 05 2010 11:31 pm | Reply
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omgfruits | Nov 05 2010 11:48 pm | Reply
:o I looked at this almost exactly as it updated.
Anywho. xP Awh. D: From a reader's perspective, I'm sad that you are going to update slower... but don't worry about it. c: I understand that you're busy.
Power outage? :o I wanna know what happenz. 8|
EDIT: I reread... and I guess the introduction of her power would make more sense than a power outage. .__.

EmmyJane (Guest) | Nov 06 2010 12:05 am | Reply
Hmmm....Her power perhaps? ;)

xero.zero | Nov 06 2010 12:18 am | Reply
She stops time?! NO WAY... How would that help with love? XD

Or is it a... go back in time thing? Or, I
can't really think of what else right now.

s t a r r y s e a | Nov 06 2010 12:18 am | Reply
Aw, I'm sad that we are gonna lose an update, but I totally understand. It's amazing that you churn out 3 a week anyway. Good luck with all your stuff!
also I am so excited for cora's power fffff

iAndrya | Nov 06 2010 12:44 am | Reply
Oh my god, can I really wait till Wednesday to know what happened??! D:

AikiiYukii | Nov 06 2010 01:59 am | Reply
Its Cora's power!! So excited! >v<

Seros Senric (Guest) | Nov 06 2010 02:12 am | Reply
I like Cora's "Huh? What just happened" expression in the last panel.

Also, the second last panel solidifies my belief that Cora can't look angry even when she tries.

CactusJuicy | Nov 06 2010 04:43 am | Reply
Wow if freezing time is her power then she pretty much has the coolest of the group.

Unless her power is to drain the world of color. I don't think so though.

Plus she yelled "stop" so.... stuff stopped? :o

Can't wait to find out.

kurozaki | Nov 06 2010 07:25 am | Reply
I see lines from her head, then the next panel is kinda dark, including the sky outside. Is her power to stop time?! Or can do stuff by yelling out a command?! Or is this just a coincidence? O-O

brilliant at breakfast | Nov 06 2010 09:01 am | Reply
Haha, love the totally blank look on Lilly's face in the background.

TheMeowling | Nov 06 2010 10:22 am | Reply

such a cool sound effect lol

*Suki* | Nov 06 2010 11:33 am | Reply
oAo Time stopping?

Ponyta | Nov 06 2010 11:53 am | Reply

Guest | Nov 06 2010 06:01 pm | Reply
by the way love Lillys scarf

RS (Guest) | Nov 06 2010 08:20 pm | Reply
She can use the power to stop problems happening like if someone's about to screw up something she can just do that.Cool! Also cora's face in the third panel:If she tried to tell me to stop with that face,i wouldn't take her seriously.

zuui | Nov 06 2010 09:10 pm | Reply
awesome cant wait for next page

Betsy | Nov 07 2010 12:48 am | Reply
:-) :-) :-)

miikkie | Nov 07 2010 10:41 am | Reply
Did she just stop time?? :D
sweet!...I am not to beat about the slower updates because I only check my smackjeeves on the weekends so there will still be updates everytime I look :] I love this so much!!

Ms_Mayhem | Nov 07 2010 04:29 pm | Reply
NGGGGGGGH. If she can stop time....
That would be amazing.!! :D

theericfangirl (Guest) | Nov 07 2010 10:02 pm | Reply
ohhh!! cora finally gets her powers!!
(i hope, at least...)

ericXcora 4ever <3

LOL Juicebox (Guest) | Dec 04 2010 10:15 pm | Reply
BWOOP XD I giggled like a maniac and almost spilled my juice all over myself

Am I The Only one Obsidian_Umbreon | Apr 04 2018 06:13 pm | Reply
Am I the only one that ships Vivian and Eric

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