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cupEcake | Nov 16 2010 11:13 pm | Reply
lol yes cora, that'll do it.

hahaha i love her.

ha! APV (Guest) | Nov 16 2010 11:14 pm | Reply
I wonder if the other laws of physics change when time freezes? Pushing Viv should make her fall over, not move her around like she's on roller blades or something.

This should be funny. I imagine it backfiring quite spectacularly.

I wonder if the other CL members will find out right away? Or if she won't get the chance (or won't want) to tell them yet?

*Suki* | Nov 16 2010 11:39 pm | Reply
XDDD She is so cute and funny! <3

Sato_chu_chan | Nov 16 2010 11:49 pm | Reply
Cora's thoughts "yes i know! i'll make them yell at walls!"

Seros Senric (Guest) | Nov 17 2010 12:41 am | Reply
I find this hilarious.

Her power has so much potential for fun!

Rosie11 | Nov 17 2010 07:54 am | Reply
@APV: You are correct. This is magic, so the laws of physics don't apply. :P (It's probably something like things behave how Cora expects them to behave.)

LotusQueen | Nov 17 2010 10:00 am | Reply
I wonder if she can use this to help save time on homework.

Chocotorta | Nov 17 2010 11:25 am | Reply
lol they will be so confused xD

RS (Guest) | Nov 17 2010 12:46 pm | Reply
Umm, they can just turn around...this is gonna be good.
Popcorn anyone?

tezzle | Nov 17 2010 02:11 pm | Reply


Rosie RS (Guest) | Nov 17 2010 02:19 pm | Reply
Actually, when time freezes, the laws of physics are frozen too.
Example: You can throw something in the air, then freeze time and see that whatever you just threw up in the air is still in the air.

dhbPATHWAY1997 (Guest) | Nov 17 2010 04:43 pm | Reply
Ahaha! Smart girl!

Zeggy (Guest) | Nov 17 2010 05:53 pm | Reply
Best. Power. Ever.

...No exceptions.

Astro Fez (Guest) | Nov 18 2010 01:46 pm | Reply
Eric may be blunt, but he has a point.

zuui | Nov 18 2010 07:03 pm | Reply

TsubasaArisato | Nov 18 2010 08:04 pm | Reply
Ahhaha! I love Cora.

I have to agree with the above comments...this is the best power ever!

Bruh (Guest) | Nov 19 2010 04:45 am | Reply
I don't see how this is really going to *solve* anything... more like a distraction.

Cookie???? Intemporel (Guest) | Nov 19 2010 02:44 pm | Reply
Is it just me or is Cora holding a cookie in the last panel. At least, that's what it looks like to me.

CoraXEric <3

Tophatt | Nov 19 2010 08:55 pm | Reply
I love this comic(it's adorable)
But I just wanted to compliment you sepecially on that last panel, you can tell Cora's sort of jauntily shifting her weight. The motion is clear and that's hard to do! :D

CZeke | Jan 13 2011 04:44 am | Reply
It's almost too bad her power suspends physics. It would be funny if every time she moved something and then unfroze time, it burst into flames from all that sudden air friction.

Wonder if she's the only one who can stay unfrozen, or if she can keep other people unfrozen, say by being in contact with them. That's how it works for Hiro Nakamura...

Me_is_Me_is_Me (Guest) | Jan 31 2013 03:30 pm | Reply
The world freezing every time you say "stop" would actually be quite inconvenient...

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