It's the return of "you had better look out" Oliver. :P

It's not like taking a little extra time on a test would be a huge deal, but if Cora started to use her powers to cheat now, I think she would end up cheating a lot more.

You know, Club Love is actually lining up with real life time for once. I finished my exams and am on vacation, so next week I can go back to updating three times a week. :)
Rosie11 | Dec 22 2010 01:08 am | Reply
Advertisement | Jun 19 2018 03:29 am | Reply

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Whoo! I'm back. :p omgfruits | Dec 22 2010 01:20 am | Reply
*caught up*
I love your comic so much... if I haven't expressed that enough.

The last panel = love. xDD

EDIT: WHOO! First comment. 8D!

stars_for_skies | Dec 22 2010 02:59 am | Reply
XD I love that face!

LOL Hanussen (Guest) | Dec 22 2010 03:22 am | Reply
Eric makes me laughing! "Just do it. Why not?" :D :D :D Is he cheater? :D

Seros Senric (Guest) | Dec 22 2010 05:34 am | Reply
Her thought process seems just like mine would be...
But I think within a few exams I'd be using it to give myself extra time anyway, and it'd be a downward spiral from there.

RS (Guest) | Dec 22 2010 10:28 am | Reply
(grumbles)....I would do it...

Zeggy (Guest) | Dec 22 2010 12:16 pm | Reply
...It's definitely the eyebrows that scare the shit out of me...O,O

adjectivesaway | Dec 22 2010 12:38 pm | Reply
I wouldn't cheat if the punishment was a scary Oliver, either. O_O

eaglelily | Dec 22 2010 03:47 pm | Reply
I thought she was going to yell stop and have everyone stare at her xD

Guest | Dec 22 2010 06:55 pm | Reply
Second panel: "inaccurately"?

Eric is the one who suggested using Viv's power to help rob a bank, I think Cora imagined him pretty well... :D

JanaEbb (Guest) | Dec 23 2010 01:40 pm | Reply
All the expressions in this page are <3! I swear, Rosie just keeps on getting better with the faces... :)
Eric is just so cute! He's kawaii :8) (That's a blush face- can you tell?)

Deli (Guest) | Dec 23 2010 05:29 pm | Reply
People, Eric doesn't blush that much. You're always saying he's blushing, but his cheeks are naturally pink I guess. Just like mine and my Dad's. Even when hes all about "poker face", he's totally red.
(Does the last sentence makes any sence? English isn't my mother language so I don't really know.)

Rosie11 | Dec 24 2010 11:50 am | Reply
I fixed "inaccurately" - thanks for pointing it out. I've been making a lot of spelling mistakes lately, so I really can't forget to check it over before I post a comic!

As for whether Eric is blushing - well, I try to give everyone rosy cheeks since I think it's cute, but it might look more like blushing depending on your computer monitor (the colors probably look different for everyone, which is a real pain...) In this case I didn't mean for Eric to be blushing and in the future I'll try to be more clear. :)

*Suki* | Dec 25 2010 12:22 pm | Reply

Meg-comics | Dec 25 2010 07:51 pm | Reply
@Deli: Totaly agree! All of them have naturally pink cheek's xD

I would do it and not thinking about it xD

DreamerBond | Jan 02 2011 11:02 pm | Reply

: )

I just love this comic.

Colleen (Guest) | Jul 03 2011 08:19 pm | Reply
Eric! Your being a bad example!!!!!

CareBearCara101 | Nov 18 2011 04:12 pm | Reply
Cora its not cheating just... extended time :)

Guest | Nov 22 2011 03:40 pm | Reply
Yay Oliver's awesomeface again! Lol

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