Yay, snow! :D It recently snowed here in Tennessee, which was awesome.
Rosie11 | Dec 27 2010 10:48 am | Reply
Advertisement | Jul 20 2018 09:13 pm | Reply

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Ponyta | Dec 29 2010 11:19 pm | Reply
XD only recently?
It snowed here like awhile ago xD
I'm happy for you though! I hope that Cora doesn't get sick because she not be wearing a proper winter coat XD

day-dream-shteen | Dec 29 2010 11:38 pm | Reply
There's been snow here since November. XD


Kellysterhabit | Dec 29 2010 11:59 pm | Reply
We dont get snow in Arizona DX boo

Kuroneko | Dec 30 2010 01:00 am | Reply
I want snow. ;A; Stupid south Alabama. >I

Seros Senric (Guest) | Dec 30 2010 01:11 am | Reply
Here, we probably won't get snow until June. Assuming the weather has gone back to normal.

You lucky ducks that get to see snow! RandomFraik | Dec 30 2010 07:58 am | Reply
I've never seen snow fall from the sky. :( I leave in a desert and for vacation, I normally go to a warm place, like the beach. But I LOVE YOUR ART!!! Cora looks really cute in the snow!

Revengeance | Dec 30 2010 08:15 am | Reply
:D it snowed here a while a go too and we had all this traffic since it was like 15 inches high XD

Snow is awesome <3

Shiori-Tsumi | Dec 30 2010 12:05 pm | Reply
We don't get snow here in South Texas. We've been having a nice sunny winter that briefly felt like fall.

RS (Guest) | Dec 30 2010 12:43 pm | Reply
I live near Georgia and it snowed there...I wish I knew so we could gone there and hung out in the snow.

dhbPATHWAY1997 (Guest) | Dec 30 2010 12:50 pm | Reply
I'm with Shiori-Tsumi, I'm in South/Central Texas and the cold sunshine was nice until it became unbearable humidity and rain. :/

Snow Bostian | Dec 30 2010 01:08 pm | Reply
I live in Montana, it's rare if we don't get snow in July here :P

I always say our seasons are Winter - Icy Winter - Slushy Winter - Construction season

Days (Guest) | Dec 30 2010 03:45 pm | Reply
My area of California is just warm enough not to get snow...and just cold enough to me miserable :(

greatday4awalk | Dec 30 2010 04:54 pm | Reply
There's been snow here since late november, but it hasn't really snowed since, and now they're forecasting rain one new year's eve and day and I think it might all go away instead of staying into april like it usually does

cupEcake | Dec 30 2010 07:52 pm | Reply
it snows a LOT here in canada....haha. :)

very pretty sometimes, but also not so fun to have to walk to work in when its 3 feet deep...

ThatOneGuy (Guest) | Dec 30 2010 09:38 pm | Reply
I love snow

so why is it that I live in Ontario Canada but it hasn't actually snowed in my city in weeks...

JanaEbb (Guest) | Dec 30 2010 11:20 pm | Reply
It's weird... all this talk about snow and winter when it's summer for me! Down here in the Southern Hemisphere we're tanning and going to the beach!
I do wish it would snow, though. I've only ever seen snow in France, and it never fell from the sky. :(

Betsy | Dec 31 2010 12:04 am | Reply
I just have to say that it's sooo cool that Club Love has readers around the world! Yay Internet and yay Rosie! :-)

reflectingpond | Dec 31 2010 04:15 am | Reply
It's been snowing in Chicago for a while. I personally don't like snow, but I have to admit it's pretty.

Orange Crush (Guest) | Dec 31 2010 09:10 am | Reply
We used to get a lot of snow here in southeastern Pennsylvania when I was a kid, but not so much these days. Stupid global warming!

CZeke | Jan 13 2011 04:47 am | Reply
He's got SNOW POWERS. You heard it here first.

Derp (Guest) | Oct 18 2011 05:10 pm | Reply
HAs this guy been named yet? I can't seem to recall it...

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