You can use your imagination to think of how Cora should demonstrate her power in a moving car. :P

So, it's the end of Chapter 4, yay! Well, I'm going to mix it up a little. Next up will be a brief chapter without Cora in it at all (gasp) and then, if I've been able to work on it enough, something special. That something is a secret, though, in case I don't get it done in time.
Rosie11 | Jan 03 2011 10:36 pm | Reply
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First again?! :D Ponyta | Jan 03 2011 11:23 pm | Reply
WOW I wonder if she can stop time for other stuff THAN her mother and her... and the car? LOL
Nicely draw car by the way.
I can't wait till the next chapter (even though Cora's not in it) XD

JanaEbb (Guest) | Jan 04 2011 01:20 am | Reply
Hmmm.... perhaps this chapter will be a flashback chapter? Back to her mother's days? Or maybe it'll be about the other Clubbers on holiday. You never know!
The cars look cool. I like the glass reflections.

RS (Guest) | Jan 04 2011 09:41 am | Reply
I'm going with Janaebb's idea. I got wait...maybe It shows what Club love was like before Cora.

^._.^ bubbles | Jan 04 2011 11:44 am | Reply
i think cora should hold her moms hand stop time so her mom can see

Prinsess Yela (Guest) | Jan 04 2011 03:18 pm | Reply
Club Love is awsome! cant wait till the next one comes out! :3

Antonious (Guest) | Jan 04 2011 03:56 pm | Reply
I'm betting she'll stop time and move to the back seat or something like that. Either that or get out and stand on the sidewalk down the street waiting for her. | Jan 04 2011 10:18 pm | Reply
I just have to say this... So cool.

*Suki* | Jan 05 2011 06:14 am | Reply
Lovely chapter. -Applaudes- 8D <3

APV (Guest) | Jan 05 2011 11:11 pm | Reply
Her time stop has an unlimited range? I can think of all sorts of paradoxes... well, I'm not that bothered... they did pull it off in Card Captor Sakura, right? :D

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