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Hmm.. Emmyjane (Guest) | Jan 18 2011 12:38 am | Reply
I love this :)
I'm starting to wonder if this is the past..? ;)

Seros Senric (Guest) | Jan 18 2011 01:24 am | Reply
I'm pretty sure at the start of this chapter it said "One and a half years ago..." so yes, I think it is the past?

But, I am liking how it seems we will get backstory on Club Love. Backstory is always good.

*Suki* | Jan 18 2011 01:26 am | Reply
8D History lesson!

-Sits back and watches and listens.-

RS (Guest) | Jan 18 2011 07:09 am | Reply
I WAS RIGHT!It is about Club Love's past.

JanaEbb (Guest) | Jan 18 2011 08:47 am | Reply
SQUEA. I love the last panel, is it sepia filter or something? It's brilliant.
Let's go, history lesson time! Woot.
xxx :D

Now we see... Aodaliaren (Guest) | Jan 18 2011 04:09 pm | Reply
I think this is where we are going to learn about the silhouettes that were standing behind Kate on the chapter title page...the ladies' long dresses/gowns would suit 1903...

:) rubygirl | Jan 18 2011 05:04 pm | Reply

Ponyta | Jan 18 2011 06:29 pm | Reply
I kinda like how she's subtly NOT saying that the club is called "Club Love". Is that intentional? XD

CZeke | Jan 19 2011 02:27 pm | Reply
What if you save the life of a Stonecutter? Does that get you in?

Hermione (Guest) | Sep 27 2012 04:33 pm | Reply
Unfair, you can be a good matchmaker even if you dont have 'powers' and what if your power is useless, like you can draw a realistic wombat in 2 seconds?

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