It's the Marauders of Club Love! (/Harry Potter reference.) Well not really, because I'm not going to draw much more of them since that would require doing research, hahah.
Rosie11 | Jan 19 2011 10:50 pm | Reply
Advertisement | Aug 21 2019 04:38 am | Reply

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Tanasha555 | Jan 20 2011 11:36 am | Reply
haha yeaaahhh... most schools didn't acomidate men and WOMEN in 1903 D: this is a very special school indead.

Betsy | Jan 20 2011 11:53 am | Reply
Well public schools in the U.S. have been co-ed since the beginning (1700s) as well as many private schools... the school the author went to has been co-ed since its founding in 1799...

Ponyta | Jan 20 2011 12:04 pm | Reply
Nicely done page! I love the "oldies" effect :)

psychokookiefreak | Jan 20 2011 12:56 pm | Reply
wait, if there are only 4 original members, then how did there end up being 5 Club members today? Does that mean that 2 are possibly related? o_O

Rosie11 | Jan 20 2011 01:39 pm | Reply
Tanasha and Betsy: Right, I've just based it on the school I went to (Westtown School, if you were wondering), which was co-ed back then. Of course, girls and boys would definitely not be allowed to meet in the woods - but Club Love has magic powers, after all. ;)

Psychokookiefreak: Two or more of the current Club Love members might be very distantly related, but I don't know which ones, so don't worry about guessing.

*Suki* | Jan 20 2011 02:06 pm | Reply
8D Ah, their ancestors.

CalistaCousland | Jan 20 2011 04:14 pm | Reply
i don't care who's related to who as long as it's not Eric and Cora! <3

The Unwontess | Jan 20 2011 05:47 pm | Reply
Ah yes... what? you dont wander through the campus woods in your free time?

Ms_Mayhem | Jan 20 2011 06:47 pm | Reply
I wonder where that fifth one is... >U>

daPhyre | Jan 21 2011 12:47 am | Reply
This is going nice!!

I think I recognice a couple ancesters of certain current students =P...

JazyXIII | Jan 21 2011 08:07 am | Reply
Its Oliver and the Computer Girl who are related, right? :O

RS (Guest) | Jan 21 2011 09:12 am | Reply
Let's see...
First Panel:Cora's ancestor
Second Panel:Oliver's Ancestor.
Third Panel:Lily's ancestor.
Fourth Panel:Eric's ancestor.
Now,where's Vivian?

werekitty13 | Jan 21 2011 06:22 pm | Reply
Wait, if panel 2 is Oliver... I thought for sure that was Viv. Could they be related?

Guest | Jan 27 2011 10:38 am | Reply
Harry Potter! yay! Waves flag

ARTHUR?! arausis | Jan 29 2011 02:02 pm | Reply
The blonde boy in the fourth panel looks like Arthur from Axis Powers Hetalia!

CalistaCousland | Jul 10 2011 10:59 pm | Reply
it would be awesome if eric and vivian were related. that way, cora and eric would be together<3 and it would give a good reason for all the bickering! haha(:

Guest | Sep 27 2012 04:34 pm | Reply
they look like Cora, that micheal guy who failed with Ruth, vivian minus the glasses and braid, and coras friend

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