I forgot to say when I first posted this - but I wanted to say that the original Club Love's main job was delivering love notes, since the boys and girls at the school rarely got to talk to each other (unless they were sneaky like Club Love.)

Oh, and if you're interested (I think it's amusing), here's the explanation Club Love's history that I drew two years ago for the original version of Club Love. The pictures look pretty different, but the characters are the same (except Vivian was explaining it in that one.)
Rosie11 | Jan 22 2011 10:22 am | Reply
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Tablix | Jan 22 2011 03:31 am | Reply
i have a feeling its the past generation club love? o wo if not then darn >:0

edit: lawl first 8D

*Suki* | Jan 22 2011 03:42 am | Reply
That is soooo sweet ;o;

RS (Guest) | Jan 22 2011 09:36 am | Reply
That's off the chain,dog.

Betsy | Jan 22 2011 09:39 am | Reply
I love the capes! I love the little notes (and at least one of them is a KOB)! I love the way there's a kind of mythic quality to the flashback (which after all is an origin myth). Basically, I love it!

JanaEbb (Guest) | Jan 22 2011 12:07 pm | Reply
I get it! Look at the third panel. The very left is Eric's ancestor. (This is just a theory, but I'm going with it!) Next is Oliver's ancestor (curly hair) Next is Lil's ancestor! And last, the nerdy one, is Viv's ancestor!
Awesome! ^^

The Unwontess | Jan 22 2011 01:12 pm | Reply
Waaait wouldn't this mean that Cora is related to one of the other members? Third cousins or something?

Ponyta | Jan 22 2011 05:45 pm | Reply
That. Is. AWESOME!!!
I also liked the two-years-ago-explanation ;D
Well done for this page! :D
I like how she STILL hasn't told her bro explicitly that the club is named "Club LovE" xP

daPhyre | Jan 23 2011 01:16 am | Reply
Nice! nn...

So... how does it comes they were originally 4 and now they are 5?

LoL (Guest) | Jan 23 2011 10:22 am | Reply
the guy with glasses reminds me of a mix of Viv and Oliver...

RS (Guest) | Jan 23 2011 10:31 am | Reply
Me too. But,i dunno about that.

Tablix | Jan 23 2011 03:43 pm | Reply
@unwontess if you hadnt noticed o wo she talks to her mother alot abotu club love cuz her mother was a member of clove love so yeah her mom is her relative to club love O:

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