Yay, an update! Sorry for the delay, I was working on problem sets all weekend. Anyway (warning, super long comment ahead) -

I'm calling this a bonus chapter because it's not going to be a linear story like the others. Instead, each comic will stand on its own and (hopefully) be funny. Well, you'll see when I post the next comic, which will be tomorrow if I have time.

So, actually, I have an idea that I want to get your opinion on. I've been working on a Club Love game - it's kinda like an RPG, so you'll be able to walk around, talk to people, stop time, and play minigames. But I'll try to make it accessible whether or not you're used to playing games.

So if most people think it's a good idea, I'll present the chapter after this one in game format, so that you can play a new section every week or something. (I can upload SWFs to SmackJeeves, so no problem there.) I'm interested in the idea of a game that is released in short updates, like a webcomic. But, I'm also willing to just do another normal comic chapter after this one if that's what everyone wants, so let me know what you think!

Basically, I'm feeling kinda bored with the current Club Love, so I want to mix it up a little! But don't worry, I'll do at least one more normal story chapter after all this. Thanks for reading~
Rosie11 | Feb 08 2011 12:06 am | Reply
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stars_for_skies | Feb 08 2011 12:17 am | Reply
That game sounds like a great idea! And I can't wait to see how it turns out!

*Suki* | Feb 08 2011 12:49 am | Reply
Eric is me in that panel. XD


Seros Senric (Guest) | Feb 08 2011 02:25 am | Reply
I like seeing the club at home, especially Cora's morning hair :P

I think the game idea is interesting, although I think I would prefer both normal story chapters and game 'episodes'. I do want to play the game though, the mini-game thingy before was pretty cool.

(Also, I think with the comment like that, your warning was superfluous... :P)

And, Yay! Update!

Game is good. Game is good. TsubasaArisato | Feb 08 2011 05:44 am | Reply
It's an awesome idea to have minigames in this comic. There will be more audience! xD

MIDOxRI | Feb 08 2011 07:09 am | Reply
The game idea seems interesting :"D And it is SURE original O:
You should try at least one chapter like that O:

RS (Guest) | Feb 08 2011 07:43 am | Reply
FOR THE WIN!We get to see the lives behind our heroes!

Gypsygirl | Feb 08 2011 08:51 am | Reply
I love your idea!

Don't make it to easy eh? :)

JanaEbb (Guest) | Feb 08 2011 09:29 am | Reply
I love the idea of the game. Maybe instead of a minigame for each page, a game for the whole chapter? I think it would be less effort overall, and we still get those lovely updates we all love so much. Can't wait for this chapter! I am so totally Vivian in the holidays.

michikalz | Feb 08 2011 02:53 pm | Reply
game idea sounds very interesting (-:
it'd be fun to try!

Sapphiress | Feb 08 2011 04:58 pm | Reply
I think the game is a great idea, especially since I love RPGs. I'll look forward to it along with the next chapter. :D

What I like about this page. werekitty13 | Feb 08 2011 06:35 pm | Reply
Cora's hair.
Vivian doing the exact same thing she always does.
Eric. Sleeping. Really.

Zeggy (Guest) | Feb 08 2011 07:03 pm | Reply

...Mainly because I'm a nerd. BUT IT'S STILL AWESOME NONETHELESS.

Matalina | Feb 08 2011 07:15 pm | Reply
I highly suggest that you try the game style :P

Ponyta | Feb 08 2011 07:24 pm | Reply
Lots of people like the gaming idea, and I also like it ;)
As long as you don't overwork :P (we do care about Club Love's "creator" :D)
Thanks for the update, awesomeness of a page there ;)

Betsy | Feb 08 2011 08:35 pm | Reply
I like how Eric has to cover his eyes because it's probably 3 in the afternoon. :-)

RS (Guest) | Feb 08 2011 09:50 pm | Reply
O_O Cora with her hair in the pic looks kinda creepy...must be becuase of the large amount on her forehead. Yeah,that's it.

Charliedog | Feb 09 2011 10:25 pm | Reply
The game sounds super awesome!! :D

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