I'm glad to hear that some people are excited about the CL game. If my previous description wasn't clear, I mean that it will be similar to an RPG that covers the whole chapter, but I will slice it up so that you can play a little at a time and I don't have to finish the whole thing at once. ;)

On that subject, I'm going to have to switch to 2 updates per week. I'd like to update more but school is getting really busy and I need to finish more the game before the end of this chapter. So the next update will be on Saturday.
Rosie11 | Feb 08 2011 11:01 pm | Reply
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cupEcake | Feb 08 2011 11:13 pm | Reply
i like these panels! :)

*Suki* | Feb 08 2011 11:39 pm | Reply
Viviannnnn 8D <3

Epic shapeshifting telekinetic powers FTW.

Seros Senric (Guest) | Feb 09 2011 03:44 am | Reply
It occurs to me that if I could shape clouds like that, I so would every time I had the window seat on a plane!
It's an awesome use of that power.

JanaEbb (Guest) | Feb 09 2011 08:24 am | Reply
Perfect way to while away those tedious hours on a plane...
Loved it! Keen for the game! :D

RS (Guest) | Feb 09 2011 08:51 am | Reply
Wow...That is creative... also cannot wait for that game! iplayed the first part.

Tanasha555 | Feb 09 2011 01:47 pm | Reply
WOW A GAME!? that. is. AWESOME! I'm so happy! you just made my day!

Game? BlackSkulls | Feb 09 2011 01:49 pm | Reply
Wait, where can we play the game? ;A;

Rosie11 | Feb 09 2011 03:10 pm | Reply
You can play an old (and short) CL game here: http://rosie11.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d2sijiz

The one I'm working on now (to be posted after this chapter ends) isn't a continuation of that one - I redid all the code and graphics.

Ms_Mayhem | Feb 09 2011 04:40 pm | Reply
I want to do that.
Hahaha, awesome use for a power though. C:
Where can we find the game when you finish it? Will you post a link?

Rosie11 | Feb 09 2011 05:54 pm | Reply
Ms Mayhem: The whole next chapter is going to be a game, rather than comics - so I'll just upload the sections here as I would a comic.

Orange Crush's little sister (Guest) | Feb 09 2011 08:31 pm | Reply
Ooooo! can't wait to play the game! my brother got me reading you comics and I think their AWSOME! =3
I wish i had a cool club love superpower!

kurozaki | Feb 10 2011 07:52 am | Reply
Yay Viv~! The joy bringer~! Oh, and isn't the next page going to be your 200th page?

RS (Guest) | Feb 10 2011 12:04 pm | Reply
Your right!It's...umm...anniversary time?
I dunno.Is it?

damn cyduc | Feb 10 2011 10:08 pm | Reply
now i have to wait

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