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Tophatt | Feb 16 2011 12:33 am | Reply
Ooohhhhhh, brat (Eric that is). xDD

Seros Senric (Guest) | Feb 16 2011 02:30 am | Reply
I like seeing all the things they do with their powers.

I kind of have a passive 'ignore me' thing most of the time, except it doesn't work on children (sometimes it seems to be the opposite). Still, its useful unless you want to be noticed, like in a store for example and you want to ask if they have something.

*Suki* | Feb 16 2011 03:38 am | Reply

JanaEbb (Guest) | Feb 16 2011 04:28 am | Reply
Why do I get the feeling Eric dyed his hair black? And I like the Emily character... maybe she'll join Club LOve!! Big drama there :P
Great comic! LOve the mini-expressions!!

H0lyhandgrenade | Feb 16 2011 05:30 am | Reply
It's no super power. She just favours him over you gels.

RS (Guest) | Feb 16 2011 06:53 am | Reply
In the words of Meta Knight,Yoshi Herd:"Snap o' Sanity!!!!

Rosie11 | Feb 16 2011 08:29 am | Reply
cyduc: Don't worry, I appreciate it! I make a ton of typos, and then I always focus on the pictures and forget to check the words before I post the comic... So I'm glad if someone points it out and I can fix it early!

Ponyta | Feb 16 2011 12:30 pm | Reply
Emily has like... the Power to see THROUGH Eric's disguises xD

RS (Guest) | Feb 16 2011 01:14 pm | Reply
A disguise? Doesn't look like one. I don't understand you people. I'm outta here. Nah,just kidding. Honestly,what do you mean by that?

Frappecinno | Feb 16 2011 08:24 pm | Reply
RS: Eric has to power to infuse stealth into articles of clothing. So, he can use his power on his shirt, and make it so his Mom skips over him when assigning chores

daPhyre | Feb 17 2011 12:13 am | Reply
Hahaha!! That was really fun... But he couldn't escape from it ;P

RS (Guest) | Feb 17 2011 10:51 am | Reply

Ms_Mayhem | Feb 17 2011 09:50 pm | Reply
Like I said, Eric has a Purple Family.
Which is extremely epic. xD

Kitsuuu~ (Guest) | May 28 2011 10:16 pm | Reply
I thought Kate said Eric wasn't supposed to use his power to get out of chores...

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