Sorry this was late. Anyway, this is the last comic in this mini chapter. I hope you enjoyed it! I liked it, but I found out that I can't come up with enough jokes to pull off a "gag-a-day" comic. :P But, I enjoyed how little dialogue I had to use for these comics. In a normal chapter I have to worry about advancing the plot, so I have to use a lot of dialogue.

So, what's next? The Club Love game! I'm very excited... but unfortunately I still have a lot to finish and I'm really busy. Next week is my Spring Break, so even though I still have a lot of stuff to do that week I'll try to finish the game by March 13th. I'll post some previews and stuff in the meantime.

I should probably ask for some help to finish the game. If you are interested in helping me with custom pixel objects and backgrounds (similar to Pokemon or other 2D RPGs) then please email or PM me.
Rosie11 | Mar 02 2011 11:18 pm | Reply
Advertisement | Jun 19 2018 03:18 am | Reply

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Seros Senric (Guest) | Mar 02 2011 11:56 pm | Reply
I found this strip rather hilarious.
It's ok to be a little late, you did tell us after all :)

Looking forward to the game!
Although I'd love to help with it, I'm not so good with the whole graphics part of game design...

Joie la douleur | Mar 03 2011 01:21 am | Reply
I just got done watching the movie 'Frozen' and I'm like utterly put down. It was unsatisfying and rather depressing. This totally just brightened my mood. Oh Oliver, if only!

Betsy | Mar 03 2011 06:17 am | Reply
This is so funny and great. I especially love the little scene depicted on the screen. :-)

RS (Guest) | Mar 03 2011 07:34 am | Reply
Wait,he can do that?

*Suki* | Mar 03 2011 09:43 am | Reply
XDDDD Oh Oliver. <3

JanaEbb (Guest) | Mar 03 2011 09:56 am | Reply
Hilarious. Love how Ollie and Lil still chill together. They are obviously besties. Shweet. My theory still stands that Lilly is secretly in love with Oliver. Anyone else?

Ponyta | Mar 03 2011 04:58 pm | Reply

werekitty13 | Mar 03 2011 06:53 pm | Reply
@JanaEbb: I am also in favor of LillyxOliver. And EricxCora. And VivxPhil because Viv deserves to have someone too.
I'd love if I could fix movie characters' problems! It'd be so cool! But alas, that wouldn't make a good movie...
@Meow: Yeah, I know. :(

Tablix | Mar 03 2011 08:07 pm | Reply
lmao if i had his power id be doing the same thing in like alot of shows xD mostly cartoons <:

RS (Guest) | Mar 04 2011 08:51 am | Reply
Hold the phone.Does she mean that it's not physically possible to influence characters
in movies or Oliver is not allowed to do so? Which is it?

Meow (Guest) | Mar 05 2011 11:23 am | Reply
Sorry to dampen your spirits, but Oliver's gay, rememeber?

glikeuwannab | Mar 21 2011 09:41 pm | Reply
nice work

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