Yay, I finally finished it! I hope you all enjoy this.

Let me say a little about the process of making this. I'm not going to make a tutorial because it's way too complicated to explain, but if you want to talk about my code you should just email or PM me. If you're interested in making games, there are programs like Gamemaker (http://www.yoyogames.com/gamemaker/) that make it a lot easier to get started. That said, I think Flash is best for sharing with people since you can play .swf files in a web browser. I learned everything to make this game from the Game Design with Flash books by Rex van der Spuy. Oh, and you don't need to pay for Flash CS5 to make a game like this - you can do it all in a text editor by downloading the Flex SDK for free. So look that up if you're interested.

Thanks for reading / playing Club Love! :)

Update on 9/18/11: I got rid of the buggy keyboard movement system and you can now move by dragging the mouse, or just clicking. I've believe I've fixed the other bugs people have commented about as well.
Rosie11 | Apr 10 2011 09:22 pm | Reply
Advertisement | May 20 2019 04:11 am | Reply

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qweenGiba | Apr 10 2011 09:42 pm | Reply
I found a super glitch that I found funny. When you freeze time to push the girls, if you keep it on and try to urn it off just when you walk outside you can't turn it off.

Ponyta | Apr 10 2011 09:43 pm | Reply
Meliked :)
For a second (or a minute or two...!) I couldn't figure out HOW to move those three gossiping gals xD And then, I realized that I could use the power...! REVELATION! ;)
VERY NIcely done by the way ;D

JanaEbb (Guest) | Apr 10 2011 09:48 pm | Reply
Oh, Lordy. I don't care that it's ten to five in the morning. When I logged on, I had a feeling. And it was here! -sobs with joy-
Now, Rosie, you have a major problem. It's way too short!! PLEASE, please please please, make the next part quicker??
I'm dying! This game is so awesome!!
-sobs again-

tezzle | Apr 10 2011 09:50 pm | Reply
- When I left the school in time-stop mode, it didn't go back to normal when my meter dropped. Everything just flashed white every time I took a step. I had to restart and make sure time had returned before I left the building.
- I tried to leave figuring that'd make the other person show up. Well it did, but he's stuck walking in front of me and I can't move out of the way. Have to restart again...
- Okay, it worked, but only when I tried to leave BEFORE talking to everyone, and then when I DID they said different things...I'm not sure how the series of events was supposed to pan out.

That's all I could find. Otherwise, awesome game!

fiddles | Apr 10 2011 09:51 pm | Reply
this should be sold in stores

Chocotorta | Apr 10 2011 10:10 pm | Reply
;_; the power wont stop..and when i get to the club love i couldt get in *sob*...but i cant wait to see the other parts *O*

Rosie11 | Apr 10 2011 10:25 pm | Reply
Wow, you guys are so fast to find bugs. XD Good catch though, I forgot to test leaving a room with the time stopped. Anyway I think I fixed that problem, so let me know if you find any more bugs.

Edit: I fixed tezzle's problem too. Trying to leave Club Love no longer causes Eric to arrive or changes anyone's dialogue...

wow rkt777 | Apr 10 2011 10:55 pm | Reply
this is so awesome can't wait till more keep up the amazing work :)

Irene the SeedrianRabbit | Apr 10 2011 11:06 pm | Reply

Nice job. ;)

*Suki* | Apr 10 2011 11:26 pm | Reply

And the music was AWESOME. XD

daPhyre | Apr 11 2011 12:58 am | Reply
It's finally here!!!! It has been really long time!! But it worth it!

In Chrome for Linux, the game went crashing all over, when loading or when leaving the room... Don't know why, but it's probably problem of the browser. Luckily for me, I had firefox also =P
(Bad luck for the Chrome OS users :S )

The game is awesome! You must continue it! Nice done. So... Did you do this in Flash or Flex? Making game in flex is not really that much like to make them in Flash... But still posible =P

Quinis | Apr 11 2011 04:38 am | Reply
This is amazing!
I love it!

contego | Apr 11 2011 04:39 am | Reply
i got stuck behind the couch outside her room

Seros Senric (Guest) | Apr 11 2011 04:41 am | Reply
Yay! Finally!
I really like the game, just played it then since I had to wait until I got home and stuff...
Sometimes with the arrow keys you can go places you aren't meant to, such as outside school grounds (where strange things happen) but I think you got the important bugs.
Now to play it again! Can hardly wait for the next one.

AMAZING Joan (Guest) | Apr 11 2011 06:53 am | Reply
Worth the wait. This was really fun to do! You're brilliant!!!

RS (Guest) | Apr 11 2011 06:57 am | Reply
I've been waiting many years.....(rips off beard)PLAYTIME!

This game is..how i usually say....FANTACULAR!!!I didn't get any bugs at all.=D

Rosie11 | Apr 11 2011 08:13 am | Reply
@daPhyre: Yeah, I don't think I can fix whatever problem you had with Chrome on Linux. (It works on Chrome on my Mac). Well, I just used the Flex SDK to compile my ActionScript files and images in a swf. So I guess it's actually Flash. (Actually I'm not too clear on the difference between Flash and Flex.)

About the arrow keys - I'm not going to debug them now, since you're really supposed to use the mouse. But I'll work on it some more before the next game.

Oh, and thanks everyone! :D

AikiiYukii | Apr 11 2011 08:33 am | Reply
T-THIS IS AWESOME ;A; <3333333
I-I didn't get any bugs at all TuT
and its so cute ;A; <3333

Pyua | Apr 11 2011 08:47 am | Reply
Yay! (:

Sapphiress | Apr 11 2011 09:05 am | Reply
This was so much fun. I can't wait for more!
(Also, I didn't notice any glitches or bugs.)

... (Guest) | Apr 11 2011 02:50 pm | Reply
um, i found a glitch, but its might just my flash player, but in Coras room, the hall outside her room, and the clubhouse scenes shakes kind of
dunno if you understand what i mean though...

Rivermallow | Apr 11 2011 05:06 pm | Reply
That was soo cool :D

kurozaki | Apr 11 2011 06:26 pm | Reply
I love the game, it's really fun~! <3

Random (Guest) | Apr 11 2011 07:09 pm | Reply
Now that you've done the hard part of getting the base of the game to work, I think it would be a lot of fun if the rest of the chapter played out as a game. The only suggestion I'd make is that you might want to hold off until summer vacation so that you'd have more time, and wouldn't have to worry about finals.

ThatOneGuy (Guest) | Apr 11 2011 09:20 pm | Reply
super awesome, and far above the bar on 'unique webcomic experiences'

in the beginning I thought the text moved too slowly, but I later learned that by clicking the text a second time it simply gives you the entire dialogue

aside fro the time stopping ability, which I found very awesome, I enjoyed the newspaper puzzle aspect as well

overall I'd rate this experience 5/5, excellently done man

werekitty13 | Apr 11 2011 11:03 pm | Reply
I love it! (Well, obviously I like comics too.) This is great! And fun. The soundtrack isn't too bad either, but the loop is a bit short. Just a thought. I really like the way you have a cute sprite for walking around, and a more detailed picture for the speech.

Rosie, you're awesome. Not only do you draw comics (amazingly well), you make games (amazingly well), but you know Linux exists! Sweet!

Jeuji | Apr 11 2011 11:11 pm | Reply
That was super fun!
I really enjoyed how much you could explore.

RS (Guest) | Apr 12 2011 11:18 am | Reply
Great,I can't play because photobuckets have taken over your website. Therefore,i can't click on the button thing.Oh wait...ahh whoops.i was wrong.

RS (Guest) | Apr 12 2011 03:45 pm | Reply
oH,I DIDN'T SEE THE TOP.woops sry caps.

llAngelic Demonll | Apr 12 2011 09:21 pm | Reply

Arrow Key Movement DuckyJewel | Apr 12 2011 09:30 pm | Reply
There's a bug when you use the arrow keys - you go outside the borders of the game. If you go near the woods & do so, it freezes. ^^' Great game tho. I love the music. :3

llAngelic Demonll | Apr 12 2011 09:34 pm | Reply
had no problems! Except at the starting where i could only leave the room if i used the mouse.

Haha! BlackSkulls | Apr 12 2011 09:55 pm | Reply
" "Game Design with Flash". I wonder who left that here...." - Cora

Nice insert there~

greatday4awalk | Apr 12 2011 11:09 pm | Reply
Yeah I found the same glitch as DuckyJewel, it's right in between two buildings

Bartimaeus (Guest) | Apr 13 2011 03:29 am | Reply
Yay! I love this! Your Actionscript-Fu far outdoes mine. Great job!

JanaEbb (Guest) | Apr 13 2011 01:02 pm | Reply
Hey, Rosie, not wanting to be pushy, just genuinely curious.
How long, do you think, will it take for you to make the second installment?
-stares with adoring admiration-

Betsy | Apr 13 2011 09:16 pm | Reply
Have I told you lately I think you're terrific?

Ms_Mayhem | Apr 13 2011 09:59 pm | Reply
That was awesome!!
If you go all the way to the left of the courtyard, Cora can climb this huge tree. xD
Anywho, it was really amazing, and everyone looked so adorable. c':

DreamerBond | Apr 14 2011 12:12 am | Reply
I am so impressed with this!

Betsy | Apr 14 2011 06:27 am | Reply
Did anybody try stopping time and pushing the photographer friend? :-)

Shyamalan (Guest) | Apr 15 2011 01:44 am | Reply
Who made the music? It's kind of catchy.

RS (Guest) | Apr 15 2011 08:27 am | Reply
Club Love - 6 01 now holds the record for having the most comments on a page.

Guest | Apr 22 2011 04:34 am | Reply
Hehe, solved the puzzle and now I'm just itching to play the next part!

JanaEbb (Guest) | Apr 27 2011 08:38 am | Reply
If you read this, Rosie, please think about making a button or something that would make Cora run faster. You know, like the Running Shoes in Pokemon? Would that be too much of a hassle? You don't have to if you don't want to.
xxx Great job so far!

glitch Kewwl (Guest) | May 04 2011 07:43 pm | Reply
When you get to the end of the game and press stop time, you prevent the game from ending. Time it though. You have to do it before it fades out

RS (Guest) | May 09 2011 08:48 am | Reply
...Now that I think of it,it's a bad idea to make the whole comic a game.Hope you're not doing that.People are getting impatient.

Very impressive! blackmoongirl2424 | May 18 2011 07:57 pm | Reply
Very impressive! I've never read Club Love but this game makes this something I should look into. Great-no scratch that-AWESOME FRIGGIN PWNAGE Work! Can't wait to see the rest.~

elmocrazy | Jul 04 2011 12:48 pm | Reply
I love this! It was fun to play. :)

Goodbye Forever RS (Guest) | Oct 14 2011 05:52 pm | Reply
I stopped commenting cuz my mom caught me soooo i gotta stop. Oh and if you ever see a comic called "Redy and Friends" plzzz read cuz it will awesome! well...the awesomeness starts near Chapter 1.
Anyways, PEACE OUT!
P.S. I got a 3DS!....and it's not lame.

Socially Awkward Bunny | Jan 10 2012 07:12 am | Reply
So cuute!

Clock glitch Joe (Guest) | Aug 25 2012 04:01 am | Reply
Don't freeze time when entering the treehouse!

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