Here's the second part!

I put in a few of the characters you submitted. Please don't be sad if yours isn't in the game - I mostly chose them at random, so it's not a judgement or anything. Also, I'll put more in the next part of the game.

Update on 9/18/11: I uploaded a version that I hope will work for all you people who couldn't get it to fully load before. I believe I've also fixed the other bugs that people have written about in the comments.
Rosie11 | May 19 2011 09:04 am | Reply
Advertisement | Nov 16 2019 08:55 pm | Reply

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AikiiYukii | May 19 2011 11:28 am | Reply
Very cute and awesome! I really liked it! Especially the Pokemon part! I lol'd! XD
I didn't get any bugs :)

*Suki* | May 19 2011 12:55 pm | Reply
8DDD -plays-


The pokemon part was ROFL

And the music is AWESOME! ;A; <33

Repeat Glitch sleepy_pirate | May 19 2011 01:26 pm | Reply
Hmm, I had some trouble after talking to Rob and Julie. Lily announced that they needed to go back to the clubhouse, but when I used Cora' power to push them away from the door, I couldn't go through it. Eventually, after wandering around the room for a while and talking to Rob and Morgan a few times, the cutscene repeated itself. Apparantly whenever you talk to either Rob or Julie in sneak mode, the cutscene triggers. I still can't seem to get out of the room.

Made it! sleepy_pirate | May 19 2011 01:31 pm | Reply
Phew, managed to get through the door. Turns out I was just trying to drag Club Love out without using the arrows to point them through the door. Other than that, everything seems fine.

CAMLOST | May 19 2011 02:43 pm | Reply
This part was so AMAZING but really short, love everything :)

Ellen_Natalie | May 19 2011 02:48 pm | Reply
For some reason, it's not loading at for me. Anyone else have this problem?

JanaEbb (Guest) | May 19 2011 03:05 pm | Reply
THAT WAS AWESOME!! The Pokemon part was reminiscent of Safari Zones, at least it was in my head. And, correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure Josh was one of mine! -squeas of happiness-
Thanks, Rose!

daPhyre | May 19 2011 04:22 pm | Reply
Nicely done!! Found no bugs.

It was simple and easy, but felt great... And the squirrel!!! XD

Will wait for nect part ;)

FairehMoon | May 19 2011 06:10 pm | Reply
@Ellen_Natalie: I'm having the same problem, it's not loading at all.

vbfrap | May 19 2011 06:20 pm | Reply
Hey one of em has my last name! :D love the game its so cute

DreamerBond | May 19 2011 08:33 pm | Reply
This was so fun! XD The pokemon-esque part surprised me, then made me laugh my head off. At first I thought I was actually gonna battle it. ^^;
Anyway, great job as usual.

I'cuaa | May 19 2011 09:25 pm | Reply
I lmao when i had to fight the squirrel

Corenia (Guest) | May 19 2011 10:29 pm | Reply
I can't play it. All I see is white! T-T

Acrylic (Guest) | May 20 2011 12:13 am | Reply
I cant get it to work : [
The button won't click! -cry-

It won't work Jolteon_Girl | May 20 2011 12:55 am | Reply
I'm the same as Acrylic my button won't work :'(

It Won't Work At All... DuckyJewel | May 20 2011 01:07 am | Reply
Firefox will load the start screen, but when I click "Click to play" it doesn't... Well, click.

I tried Internet Explorer too, & it'd just show the preloading screen saying "Loading" or "Loading... 9.(decimalnumbershere)%" then nothing else. D:

Wisknort (Guest) | May 20 2011 04:02 am | Reply
I've got the same issue here, looking at it from IE9. Button doesn't respond at all. In some ways, it feels like it's just part of the background. :S

Seros Senric (Guest) | May 20 2011 04:14 am | Reply
To me, it seems like the title is a part of the same image as all the GUI elements that are just to the left of it. (Which you probably can't see...)
But yeah, same lack of click-detection.
Tried in three different browsers, so its either an issue with Flash Player (I have the latest version) or something small with the code. Like a typo in an if statement or something. Those tend to be favourites.

:( Gypsygirl | May 20 2011 10:54 am | Reply
I want to play it soooo badly and it's stuck on loading!

Gypsygirl (Guest) | May 20 2011 11:33 am | Reply
What? Now the " click to play " button doesn't work... :(

RS (Guest) | May 20 2011 04:57 pm | Reply
HAHAHHAHHAHHA!!!It's so funny controling all of them at once!

Mango (Guest) | May 20 2011 05:11 pm | Reply
A pokemon reference???

RS (Guest) | May 20 2011 05:15 pm | Reply
Btw,I take back what i said yesterday.If i had known that you were gonna do this 5-player thing,i've would've supported you straight from the start.

Score! Quinis | May 20 2011 06:18 pm | Reply
Finally could play it! The button worked.
It was AWESOME, like having a club love army!
Totally worth the wait!

Mobility! paper_crane_maker | May 21 2011 06:37 pm | Reply
The characters are way easier to move around this time, that's pretty cool.

Seros Senric (Guest) | May 22 2011 09:44 am | Reply
Yays for it working!
Some of the things people were thinking were pretty amusing.
I liked it.
Looking forward to part 3.

Guest | May 22 2011 09:58 am | Reply
So, I can't play part two! It won't ever finish loading!

CalistaCousland | May 22 2011 12:10 pm | Reply
Mine loads to 99% in a matter of seconds, but then remains there! I am at a loss of what to do, seeing as I want to play this game!

werekitty13 | May 25 2011 01:03 am | Reply
So short.... I can't wait for the next one! It took me a while to figure out how to get Rob and Julie alone.

Guest | May 26 2011 12:18 am | Reply
Oh my gosh! I had a feeling! Thank You Rosie!!

Guest | Jun 07 2011 03:10 pm | Reply
It's stuck on 99%... :(

elmocrazy | Jul 04 2011 01:04 pm | Reply
Love the Pokemon reference. XD

mjkj (Guest) | Aug 26 2011 06:15 am | Reply
I think I have found a little bug or something the like :)

At the end when all are going back to the treehouse one cannot go up the ladder and enter it when Cora (at least I think it is her) is not in the front or second place one cannot click up anymore since the top-bars are blocking. I could not enter until I found that out and re-arranged the walking positions.

I enjoyed the game though it was great - thank you for sharing.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! GVur (Guest) | Oct 14 2011 09:28 pm | Reply
It doesn't let me play!

Guest | Nov 22 2011 04:06 pm | Reply
I pushed around the painting girl and the easels when i froze time lol

Stuck Sara (Guest) | Jan 11 2012 12:45 pm | Reply
In the beginning when I'm trying to get the players to go down the treehouse they won't move..

Bug Mew! (Guest) | Jun 24 2012 04:52 pm | Reply
When you get in the clubhouse after talking to Rob and Julie there is the squirrel after you fight it they talk. If you leave suddenly then go back to the clubhouse the squirrel is back so you fight again but you can't. You just stand there.

Two Ways Mew! (Guest) | Jun 24 2012 05:11 pm | Reply

To get to talk to Rob and Julie you can either use Eric to sneak everybody then talk to them or you can do my way and use Cora to pause time and just push them into the room the old fashioned way. YAY

kirbylubber (Guest) | Jul 28 2012 03:16 pm | Reply
i found a typo: when cora says "Eeek! Everyone's looking at us!" She says "Eeek! Everone's looking at us!"

I wen lol (Guest) | Jul 28 2012 11:24 pm | Reply
i surawnded sum1 wit al mi folowrs n it wer funi caz the wnted 2 go bt i dnt let thim

Poptart (Guest) | Mar 04 2013 07:06 pm | Reply
lol! I made cora give up on chasing the squirrel and eric called me a winp and chased it away XD

FUN! JusuJuiceBox | Apr 21 2013 03:38 pm | Reply
That was fun to play i liked the cora pokemon refrence too. i thought it would be like "stop time and throw squirrel out the window" but that was funny!

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