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*Suki* | Jun 22 2011 11:25 pm | Reply
OAO Those must be Club Hate fans or something.

Tablix | Jun 23 2011 12:26 am | Reply
i doubt it D: there coras freinds cora should know somthing about them atleast ; v; plus its valentines day why wouldnt u buy flowers? the cheesey thing is candy >:I unless its lolipops then gimmeh > 3 >

Seros Senric (Guest) | Jun 23 2011 02:29 am | Reply
I sense possible plot!

And about buying flowers, well I probably wouldn't buy any flowers either. That's what the rose bush and other flowers in the garden are for.

Clublovefan (Guest) | Jun 23 2011 03:33 am | Reply
The brunette must be a member of club hate.

Nieknique | Jun 23 2011 05:42 am | Reply
if you look at the front image of this chapter , you see the left girl with the same bracelets... i suspect club hate is on the loose! :O

Guest | Jun 23 2011 06:02 am | Reply
The short haired girl's bangles are visible on the chapter cover. Also, I think the eyes of the blonde match the eyes of the 'gothic' looking girl. Club Hate!

brilliant at breakfast | Jun 23 2011 10:18 am | Reply
Ooh, I love the bracelet girl's look!

eaglelily | Jun 23 2011 01:27 pm | Reply
nah, they aren't club hate, they are just some of those girls who say that it's lame but secretly want lots <3

Abild | Jun 23 2011 07:15 pm | Reply
The brunette is definitely from Club Hate, you can easily recognize her in the dark (almost pitch-black) comicstrips if you have a good screen! THE SUSPENSE..

Grace (Guest) | Jun 24 2011 12:20 am | Reply
What's up with Khalil? He's my favorite of Cora's friends...

*Suki* | Jun 24 2011 03:42 am | Reply
I knew the brunette was a Club Hate member.

RS (Guest) | Jun 24 2011 02:39 pm | Reply
My Club Hate senses are tingling.

Tablix | Jun 24 2011 06:46 pm | Reply
why are you all asumeing club hate? o__o if anything club hate would make a plan to destroy the booth or they put something in the flowers kinda stupid to asume they would just walk in and be like who the hell buys flowers hurr hurr nubs :B :I thats stupid

@tablix Guest | Jul 14 2011 05:02 pm | Reply
Because it is club hate!!!

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