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Kellysterhabit | Jul 04 2011 02:01 am | Reply
Well... At least he has a sense of humor >.<

*Suki* | Jul 04 2011 03:07 am | Reply
XDDD Awww, I hape them too <3333 And by hape, I mean like.

day-dream-shteen | Jul 04 2011 11:40 am | Reply


LOVE. HOLY CRAP. *never noticed that before* xD

And Cora is...the C is Club. xD

JanaEbb (Guest) | Jul 04 2011 12:26 pm | Reply
Hehe... nice one, Phil. You know, you never really struck me as the hateful type... underneath all the band shirts and Cora-mocking, I thought you were a sap. But no, you laugh in the face of romance.
I now officially ship Phil/Girl in panel three whose name is probably Ellie.
Yay! Keep on moving forward, Rose!

elmocrazy | Jul 04 2011 01:09 pm | Reply
Haha the "Hape" club seems less evil than I thought. :)

werekitty13 | Jul 04 2011 04:57 pm | Reply
Phil could change his name to Tom.

daPhyre | Jul 04 2011 09:31 pm | Reply
OMG!! They are so evil D:

@day-dream-shteen I didn't noticed that either!! O:

DreamerBond | Jul 04 2011 10:05 pm | Reply
Haha, what an amusing page. I think I could grow to like this new club.

D: dhbPATHWAY1997 (Guest) | Jul 05 2011 12:47 am | Reply
MY name is Hailey!! D:

Tablix | Jul 05 2011 02:48 am | Reply
lmao wow day-dream-shteen you didnt notice i noticed it right away cuz there coad names are all there letters anc cora is just the exclamation point becuz haveing her as a c wouldnt make sense sinse theres only 5 members Miss L, Captain O, Professor V, and Mister E spelling out love :I i found that obvious from the start thats why cora just got the codename sweetheart

Rai Tei | Jul 05 2011 05:04 am | Reply
So.. Hailey hape us too?

oh jeez (Guest) | Jul 05 2011 12:19 pm | Reply
club rape

Seros Senric (Guest) | Jul 05 2011 09:34 pm | Reply
@oh jeez:
Now we know not to change Hailey's name to Ruth.

omgfruits | Jul 06 2011 01:08 pm | Reply
HAHA@Seros Senric. xDD
Why so serious, girl-in-last-panel? e_e; Is she Hailey?
I like Ellie (girl in panel 3) though~ Heehee, hape.

OH. NOW I GET WHY THE T IS DIFFERENT FOR THE COVER. It was bothering me before. xD

Annie (Guest) | Jul 13 2011 12:38 am | Reply
If her name was Riley and not Hailey, we'd have to call the police

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