Sorry for all the delays, I had too much real life stuff to do. But I'm definitely not going to stop this comic in the middle, ok? I can definitely go back to twice a week now, so see you on Friday - or possibly sooner. :)
Rosie11 | Jul 31 2011 10:56 pm | Reply
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CactusJuicy | Jul 31 2011 11:50 pm | Reply
Yay, an update <3

CassidyWitchforever | Aug 01 2011 12:11 am | Reply
Wh-ooo! You posted again! Lol! Just use Vivan's power! and Eric's just standing there like an idiot
@Rosie11: It's ok. Just take your time, but try to update a bit more and please try to finish the 3rd part of the club love game.

Grace (Guest) | Aug 01 2011 12:48 am | Reply
For what it's worth, I'm really glad that you are making time for Club Love despite all your real life obligations! We really appreciate it.

Pandaface0 | Aug 01 2011 09:58 am | Reply
Ohohoh~ Cora and Eric alone >:D

Yeah, just take your time ;)
We can wait! :D

PokemonLuv<3 (Guest) | Aug 01 2011 12:35 pm | Reply
Hey, I've really noticed an improvement in your art! I just reread the entire series, and your art has only gotten better <3

Lena_Akita | Aug 01 2011 04:01 pm | Reply
I love club love <3333

CalistaCousland | Aug 01 2011 04:18 pm | Reply

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