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daPhyre | Aug 12 2011 03:13 am | Reply
OMG! They are here!!! D:

What will happen now!?

Sapphiress | Aug 12 2011 09:31 am | Reply
Oh, I'm pretty surprised they're openly showing themselves. Hmm. Wonder what's going to happen next.

Blade-Edge | Aug 12 2011 09:48 am | Reply

Shiori-Tsumi | Aug 12 2011 02:55 pm | Reply
Unjust distribution of roses...? Uh....are you guys sad you weren't getting any roses?

CactusJuicy | Aug 12 2011 04:17 pm | Reply
If they had really wanted roses even without being in a relationship it wouldn't have been a big deal just to ask for some

Jhale_9 | Aug 12 2011 05:00 pm | Reply
This is going to end with one of club HATE's members falling for one of club loves. xD right? Right?

Jhale_9 is on the money... Aodaliaren (Guest) | Aug 12 2011 09:44 pm | Reply
I think Jhale_9 has asked a very good question! That would make for an interesting storyline, either a short storyline or long...

Tablix | Aug 13 2011 01:44 am | Reply
then oliver used his powers to make them fall in love while lilly used her mind reading to find the wereabouts of the flowers the end c:

brilliant at breakfast | Aug 13 2011 10:27 am | Reply
They seem pretty eager to take credit right off the bat.

Shyamalan (Guest) | Aug 13 2011 02:46 pm | Reply
Surely one of the Club HAPE members has a power that stops them from being recognized, just like Eric. Otherwise WHOOPSY

*Suki* | Aug 13 2011 09:46 pm | Reply
O_O Osnaps.

omgfruits | Aug 13 2011 09:50 pm | Reply
It's going to be pretty easy to put a stop to them if they show themselves like that... unless if it's like how Shyamalan said, and someone has an ability to make it hard to recognize them.

CassidyWitchforever | Aug 14 2011 04:18 pm | Reply
Ellie and Phil are too smiley to be in club hape.

Guest | Sep 02 2011 12:08 pm | Reply
Thank you for being the worst villians of all time.

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