Here's the final part! It's the longest of the three of them.

Even though these games took way too long, I'm glad I did it. I learned a lot and I think they're a fun break from the normal comic.

Update on 9/18/11: I saved it in a different program, so I hope that it will now work for all the people who couldn't get it to load before. I also fixed the bugs that people wrote about in the comments.
Rosie11 | Aug 25 2011 09:40 pm | Reply
Advertisement | Oct 19 2019 10:43 pm | Reply

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Seros Senric (Guest) | Aug 25 2011 10:24 pm | Reply
Finally the game!

Except, I appear to be having the problem where it gets stuck on loading at 97% or 99%
It could be just where I am, since the 2nd part also has the same problem, but the first part works fine.
I'll try again when I get home.

Pyua | Aug 25 2011 11:13 pm | Reply
Awesome!! ^O^

JanaEbb (Guest) | Aug 25 2011 11:55 pm | Reply
WOW! Rosie, you made my week. Well done, it's brilliant! I hope you plan to make more games in your life :)
Snazzy music! x)

daPhyre | Aug 26 2011 12:21 am | Reply
Awww, such a happy ending!

Nice job!! It was very well done! ;)

greenXpillow | Aug 26 2011 02:04 am | Reply

Seros Senric (Guest) | Aug 26 2011 04:30 am | Reply
OK, worked this time. It was great!
I also liked the minigames, especially the one with the brothers what they said was amusing.

Although, there were some minor things you didn't consider, like when Cora was sent for the textbook, the other Club Love members say the same things even after you have the textbook, Cora saying that she'd head over to get it seems a little redundant when she already has it, but that's a really minor thing that doesn't really matter at all.
Probably more of an issue is that once when using stop time I couldn't restart time except by letting the bar run out, and the first time I told Phoebe about the movie she didn't do anything, I had to go back into the main hall and come back out and speak to her again before she decided to walk over and join the film.
Still, minor issues. Good job with the game!

Music Wisknort (Guest) | Aug 26 2011 07:07 am | Reply
Had this open, slowly progressing, while doing a number of other things. One of which involved listening to stuff on YouTube. After an hour or two, that loop starts to get annoying. >_>

... No it doesn't. It's still awesome.

Shaina-bear | Aug 26 2011 11:24 am | Reply
I really liked this story owo

Gypsygirl Gypsygirl | Aug 26 2011 12:14 pm | Reply
It's stuck on 99% O___o I want to play it sooo badly!

Rosie11 | Aug 26 2011 01:18 pm | Reply
@Seros Senric: You're right talking to Club Love with the textbook, so I fixed that. I haven't run into those issues with stopping time or getting Phoebe before, so it's hard to know what the problem is. If anyone else finds those bugs let me know.

@Wisknort: You can turn the music off from the menu you know. :)

Betsy | Aug 26 2011 02:41 pm | Reply
I liked seeing Claire and Alex again. Poor 3rd wheel other Alex, though!

Quinis | Aug 26 2011 07:46 pm | Reply
Awesome game! I had so much fun playing. Love it!
I didn't run into any problems playing it either.

dhbPATHWAY1997 (Guest) | Aug 26 2011 09:48 pm | Reply
Squee! :D Great job!

omgfruits | Aug 27 2011 02:03 am | Reply
<3333 Yay!! I was kind of hoping that the plan would backfire but they would still like become friends in the end, but the games and stuff were fun nonetheless. :3
Good job! It was very entertaining to play.

Shyamalan (Guest) | Aug 27 2011 04:22 pm | Reply
Behold the power of violins!

Gypsygirl Gypsygirl | Aug 27 2011 05:22 pm | Reply
PLEASE tell me what I should do to be able to play this :o

Grace (Guest) | Aug 28 2011 10:22 am | Reply
Nice sign on the bottom wall of the basement, lol

Seros Senric (Guest) | Aug 29 2011 07:02 pm | Reply
OK, the problem I had with Phoebe not walking up to the main hall I discovered happens when you have sneak active.
And I don't know who Mrs Williams is, but she can totally still interact with Cora when time is stopped. Maybe it's one of those special abilities office ladies have (like being able to recognize everyone that goes to the school, even if they haven't seen you before)

Also one thing I'm surprised I didn't notice before, in the corner under Club Love it says Chapter 6.2 instead of Chapter 6.3

Hmm... That should do for now :P

greatday4awalk | Sep 07 2011 03:44 pm | Reply
@Seros Senric: That's weird, I didn't encounter either of those problems.

Rosie11 | Sep 18 2011 09:30 pm | Reply
@Seros Senric: Thanks for figuring out the problem with Phoebe not going to the main hall! I fixed that and the two other things you found.

Gypsygirl Gypsygirl | Sep 19 2011 01:02 pm | Reply

Great work! lovely!

WolfGirl (Guest) | Oct 08 2011 10:07 pm | Reply
'Play your music to calm the rats' It is the new Pied Piper! :3

SandSan | Oct 14 2011 06:54 pm | Reply
It was a fun story. The only thing I thought was missing was during Vivian's puzzle game. I felt like there needed to be a reset button for the blocks. All in all, very fun.

ZHODY (Guest) | Dec 28 2011 12:13 am | Reply
Derp. What's with the weird rectangle around Miss L's mouth?

EpicBecca2197 | May 04 2012 05:25 pm | Reply
@Betsy: Other Alex isn't a third wheel, they're a tricycle~

Hair Mew! (Guest) | Jun 24 2012 05:13 pm | Reply
Is it me or does Rob's brother have a braid?

Roses Ablaze | Jul 29 2012 01:21 pm | Reply
I can't get Phoebe to help the film guy. Can anyone help?

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