Hi everyone! Sorry for the delay, but I'm definitely going to get back on track with 2 updates a week starting this Friday!
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omgfruits | Sep 12 2011 10:06 pm | Reply
At least she got the roses before she gets too tired. xP
I suppose they could easily block her path though. :/

Wisknort (Guest) | Sep 12 2011 10:32 pm | Reply
For me, the biggest thing is if she's not back in her place when exhaustion prevents her from maintaining it. We've not seen evidence of Club Hate having any super-powers, and in either case revealing Club Love does is probably a bad idea.

I wonder how good Cora is at spinning an excuse around a highly improbable event...

CassidyWitchforever | Sep 12 2011 10:47 pm | Reply
noo cora! Don't stop! Get em back to club love!

JanaEbb (Guest) | Sep 12 2011 11:04 pm | Reply
I think she meant, "Uh-oh, my bar is running out." ;)

Pyua | Sep 12 2011 11:18 pm | Reply
yay!!, cora!! (:

SketchyComics | Sep 13 2011 04:46 am | Reply
They have super powers...

How are we gonna' top that? I'll tell ya how-

PokemonLuv<3 (Guest) | Sep 13 2011 05:49 am | Reply

ThisNameBetterBeNotTaken | Sep 13 2011 12:09 pm | Reply

roxjey | Sep 13 2011 02:26 pm | Reply

secchomeru (Guest) | Sep 13 2011 04:05 pm | Reply
I love club love! lol. I cant wait for the next comic.

Watermage | Sep 13 2011 09:08 pm | Reply
If she's getting tired, she should hide or something?

Wisknort (Guest) | Sep 14 2011 03:30 am | Reply
@ThisNameBetterBeNotTaken: WHOAH! Why didn't I think of that? She so has to go do that now!

@Watermage: Well they'd suddenly notice she disappeared. It's a hard situation either way, her best bet is to hide her current work and return to where she was before.

Rai Tei | Sep 14 2011 01:59 pm | Reply
I wonder if she get's issues of getting older quicker than the rest when she uses this ability.

I remember playing a game where the main character could stop time , but because of that he ages faster.

Wisknort (Guest) | Sep 14 2011 07:02 pm | Reply
@Rai Tei: I'm guessing she doesn't use it enough for that to be an issue. She'd have to have time stopped for a total of a few months in order for it to make a noticable difference. I'm guessing her time-flow is less than 10% stopped time, probably less than 3%, so it would take a very long time for anyone to realise whether this does happen or not.

omgfruits | Sep 14 2011 10:40 pm | Reply
@Wisknort: Well. It would show evidence of her power even if she got back to where she was before she got too tired. The roses would be moved. ;P
If she didn't move the roses, there wouldn't be much of a point to stop time in the first place.

Besides, it's already a rumor that Club Love has superpowers around the school.

Wisknort (Guest) | Sep 14 2011 11:08 pm | Reply
@omgfruits: If the roses are beyond Club Hate's vision, then that evidence would not be immediately obvious. And if she thinks hard enough about what she's done, Lily might pick up on it, so then Club Love would know what's happened, and they could work around it - grab whatever's left and run. Or something like that.

omgfruits | Sep 15 2011 04:06 pm | Reply
@Wisknort: Even if it wasn't obvious immediately, they would find out once they saw the roses weren't there. I don't really know what Club Love could do to disguise the fact that the roses were moved mysteriously...

Besides, even if Lily knew about it, that doesn't mean that the rest of Club Love would know.

Blade (Guest) | Sep 15 2011 05:32 pm | Reply
shit she should just push club hate into the pool

Wisknort (Guest) | Sep 15 2011 05:51 pm | Reply
@omgfruits: As soon as you said disguise, I considered that little problem solved. <_<

As for Lily: Well, with two of them knowing, it'd be a bit easier to get the information around them all without alerting anyone else. Also I wouldn't be surprised if she could use her mind-reading in reverse. (Have we seen evidence of that?)

@Blade: :O Another brilliant idea! How come I don't come up with these awesome suggestions? :(

omgfruits | Sep 15 2011 11:35 pm | Reply
@Wisknort: I understood Eric's power to be disguises for people. :/ Not situations.

Club Hate would probably see them acting strangely though, and they'd try to see what's up... and I imagine the first thing they'd do is observe their surroundings.

I don't believe there was any evidence of Lily having telepathy... but that'd be freakin' cool if she did.

@Blade: XDDD Hahaha! Awesome.

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