Today's lesson: don't run near the pool! ;)
Rosie11 | Sep 15 2011 07:51 pm | Reply
Advertisement | Nov 16 2019 08:30 pm | Reply

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JanaEbb (Guest) | Sep 15 2011 11:07 pm | Reply

Blade (Guest) | Sep 15 2011 11:26 pm | Reply

omgfruits | Sep 15 2011 11:43 pm | Reply
I wonder what would happen if she stopped time then... Would she keep falling? Just curious. :p
I like the detail you made by reflecting Cora in the water. Nice touch! :)

AND SHOOT. Her glasses fell off. D: Will Phil recognize her?

Pyua | Sep 15 2011 11:46 pm | Reply
oh noes, her disguise!! D:

Wisknort (Guest) | Sep 15 2011 11:49 pm | Reply
Depends on how powerful Eric is, as to how much of their clothing he's working on.

Do not think too hard about this.

Seros Senric (Guest) | Sep 16 2011 04:04 am | Reply
Stopping time mid-fall would be amusing... But the bar only fills up when she's walking!
She must have forgotten to keep an eye on it.

More seriously, I'm now slightly worried about the flowers - depending on how they fall the ones in the top two buckets may get slightly crushed. That, and falling over is likely to get people to notice her.
...This is why we are always told not to run near the pool. You'll fall over. And various threats about not receiving ice-cream or confectionery.

(Also, I do like the reflection in the puddle!)

PokemonLuv<3 (Guest) | Sep 16 2011 06:21 am | Reply
go, telekenetic POWEEEEEERS!
Save the time stopper!

fireycheetah (Guest) | Sep 16 2011 02:31 pm | Reply
Oh noes! D: Eric save her! And lolz like everyone else said I like the reflection you did in the puddle :) it looks all watery-like, if that makes sense XD

daPhyre | Sep 16 2011 04:43 pm | Reply
Oh no! The Flowers! O:

roxjey | Sep 16 2011 05:57 pm | Reply

Sapphiress | Sep 16 2011 10:24 pm | Reply
Cora, be careful! D: I'm figuring Eric will be able to cover for Cora's identity but who knows.

anonymous coward (Guest) | Sep 17 2011 02:24 pm | Reply
I'd be more worried about her cracking her skull, the decking around pools is usually pretty hard stuff.

Wisknort (Guest) | Sep 17 2011 11:32 pm | Reply
@anonymous coward: Hmm... I suddenly remember that they have a telekinesis wielder, and that time is not currently stopped.

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