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Betsy | Sep 30 2011 08:23 am | Reply
Eric!!! I didn't know you had it in you!!!

JanaEbb (Guest) | Sep 30 2011 08:37 am | Reply
This was me on reaction to comic:
Sharp inhale, then :DDD!!!
-happy squeal-

Silver Mirror | Sep 30 2011 09:05 am | Reply
Yaaayyyyyy! Eric is so cool!

Wisknort (Guest) | Sep 30 2011 09:18 am | Reply
Hmm... Which is more memorable, Cora's expression in the first or second panel?

greenXpillow | Sep 30 2011 11:23 am | Reply
yay!! eric is so brave!! :D

OhMyBlob Floo96YG | Sep 30 2011 01:45 pm | Reply
Eric, OMG I love you! 8D
dsjbfdbshfdsfbsdfjas EriCora por evah'!!

FarFarT.Awesome | Sep 30 2011 03:10 pm | Reply
Awww~! Eric is soo sweet!! >.<
NO GET THE COURAGE TO TELL HER YOU LIKE HER!! .... He likes her right? o.o'

ThisNameBetterBeNotTaken | Sep 30 2011 03:13 pm | Reply
Meh, they'll forget it when he puts the hat back on.

omgfruits | Sep 30 2011 03:46 pm | Reply
Well. That was certainly nice of Eric... but isn't he basically saying his power is useless? xP;
*inner EriCora fan squealing*

Debbie F. (Guest) | Sep 30 2011 04:49 pm | Reply
@omgfruits: It's not useless, but they have already seen Cora. He can't erase memories :P

CalistaCousland | Sep 30 2011 05:33 pm | Reply <33

in the second panel it kinda looks like he's holding her hand(:

anyways this is just too adorable!!<3

CalistaCousland | Sep 30 2011 05:35 pm | Reply
@omgfruits: i see what you mean!(: but i think hes just being vague about covering up the good that they do in general, not the requests they get and stuff(:

PokemonLuv<3 (Guest) | Sep 30 2011 05:40 pm | Reply

omgfruits | Sep 30 2011 06:21 pm | Reply
@Debbie F.: I understand that... but that's different from what I was saying.

By taking off his disguise, he makes a nice gesture to Cora, and defends Club Love at the same time...

BUT. If they aren't going to hide who they are anymore (like what he was saying), then there really isn't a point to disguise themselves; thus, there really isn't a use for his power.

Or at least, he'll be using his power a lot less. The only thing he can really do now is do what he did here:

omgfruits | Sep 30 2011 06:25 pm | Reply
@Debbie F.: Ooh. Or maybe they'd walk around with Eric's clothes and not in Club Love uniforms. That'd be interesting.

Never mind. I can still see a lot of use for his power. :P

omgfruits | Sep 30 2011 06:35 pm | Reply
Just another thought... (Sorry for commenting so much)

Before Eric came into the club, what do you suppose they did for disguises? Masks or something?

Lulu (Guest) | Sep 30 2011 08:52 pm | Reply
Eric you are the greatest

Wisknort (Guest) | Sep 30 2011 10:02 pm | Reply
@omgfruits: Hmm... Probably a combination of more covering disguises and being more sneaky. They probably did a lot less wandering around in uniform.

Reply to Wisknort Aodaliaren (Guest) | Oct 01 2011 03:26 pm | Reply
My vote, Wisknort, is the first panel. We haven't seen Rose draw this facial expression before - she got it pretty right!

bee (Guest) | Oct 01 2011 06:59 pm | Reply
when i read the comic i couldnt help but smile and keep ze happy laugh in :D
Ericora ftw!!!

Sapphiress | Oct 01 2011 11:20 pm | Reply
Oh Eric, you are so awesome. <3 :D

I bet the rest of Club Love will follow suit and shed their disguises as well hehe.

Pyua | Oct 02 2011 01:12 am | Reply

ChocoMouse | Oct 03 2011 01:04 am | Reply
I never shipped Cora x Eric, but I think I'll start shipping it now

iHeartAllHearts (Guest) | Oct 05 2011 10:25 pm | Reply
In the second panel, is Eric holding Cora's hand?!?! It's coming, i can tell!!!!! ^.^

Wisknort (Guest) | Oct 06 2011 01:50 am | Reply
@iHeartAllHearts: Unfortunately, I think he isn't. But it doesn't mean he won't be, of course.

random fact (Guest) | Oct 06 2011 09:06 am | Reply
you know, when i first found out about club love, it was because of the first version of the game, where Cora is supposed to get out of the clubhouse. When i played it, i got Cora talk to Eric, and the first thing i thought was "he probably likes her. they would be a cute couple :3"

DreamerBond | Oct 07 2011 01:21 am | Reply
I just adore everything about this comic!

OMG MollyHasNoLife (Guest) | Oct 07 2011 02:06 pm | Reply

I NOTICED... Merione | Oct 10 2011 08:44 am | Reply
that Eric is holding her hand.

;U; Rain (Guest) | Jan 19 2013 09:35 am | Reply
Dang I love these two.


Toradora5683 | Aug 07 2013 08:16 pm | Reply
Hugs for Eric too ^^

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