I'm sorry I didn't get this comic finished earlier. But I'll definitely update again on Monday and try to get back on schedule!
Rosie11 | Oct 08 2011 03:57 pm | Reply
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contradiction123 | Oct 08 2011 04:01 pm | Reply
Oh yes. Wonder whats going to happen now...

daPhyre | Oct 08 2011 09:40 pm | Reply
Awwww... Would it be this the end of Club Love? D:

Sapphiress | Oct 08 2011 10:06 pm | Reply
Awh, no one recognizes Vivian? I guess in a sense that's a good thing though.

PokemonLuv<3 (Guest) | Oct 08 2011 10:25 pm | Reply
How will they fix this one up, I wonder...?

omgfruits | Oct 09 2011 10:31 pm | Reply
Srsly... Why are people angry about this?
I wouldn't expect any of my friends to be anything this cool... and I wouldn't expect them to tell me if they were.

I'd be stoked if I found out though. xDD

Wisknort (Guest) | Oct 10 2011 01:08 am | Reply
@omgfruits: Perhaps it's a sign of how much they actually like Club Love? It could just be a select few that were happy to hate them passively.. Just a random theory. Take it for what it is.

Also, Viv might want to not say that so loud. If anyone hears it, that'll make for some awkward questions.

Me_is_Me_is_Me (Guest) | Aug 21 2013 09:08 pm | Reply
The last panel explains a lot. I've been wondering for while how people fell for such simple disguises.

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