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contradiction123 | Oct 10 2011 09:23 am | Reply
Victims? Whut is she talking about?

roxjey | Oct 10 2011 09:46 am | Reply
WUT?! D:

Cossette (Guest) | Oct 10 2011 11:10 am | Reply
Theory time: what if she is claiming people are victims because she once turned to club love for help and her romance didn't work out because, well, that's what happens sometimes. So, now she is claiming everyone who ever received help is a victim instead of just getting over a failed relationship???

tezzle | Oct 10 2011 11:32 am | Reply
"I'll tell you what they DON'T think! 'Hey, let's all dress like Raven from Teen Titans and be ANNOYING BUTTS!'...They probably don't think that...Your move."

Tophatt | Oct 10 2011 12:36 pm | Reply
Ahahahaha, Tezzle gets all of the awards! xD
I can't wait to see what happens!

Megane-Chan | Oct 10 2011 05:11 pm | Reply
That witch is just irate cause she ain't got a boyfriend. GET OVER It.

Wisknort (Guest) | Oct 10 2011 07:00 pm | Reply
@tezzle: Their move? I'd say that's checkmate. That is awesome.

EDIT: Also, Cora says they don't meddle *anymore*. Just a strange sentence?

Lulu (Guest) | Oct 10 2011 09:30 pm | Reply
It's getting tense
can't handle the suspense

Grace (Guest) | Oct 10 2011 11:21 pm | Reply
@Wisknort: Maybe she's talking about when they learned their lesson about meddling in the chapter with Ruth and Michael?

Tablix | Oct 11 2011 02:48 am | Reply
Cora should of said we only help the people who ask for help if there troubled with love thats our duty and we enjoy helping other we dont force our selves on others were CLUB "LOVE" >:C

Wisknort (Guest) | Oct 11 2011 03:38 am | Reply
@Grace: Ooooohhhh. That sounds like it'd be it. (Hope no-one in-comic picks up on it then...)

JanaEbb (Guest) | Oct 11 2011 08:02 am | Reply
Why does Phil look so distraught that Cora is in Club Love? *speculates*

Hamster (Guest) | Oct 11 2011 10:20 am | Reply
Hahaha!! Look at Phil's face! He's still in shock!

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