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Past missons ClubLoveFan (Guest) | Oct 14 2011 01:00 pm | Reply
I see the couples from their past missions!

Megane-Chan | Oct 14 2011 01:00 pm | Reply
Yeah! Take that evil women!

PokemonLuv<3 (Guest) | Oct 14 2011 02:52 pm | Reply
Awwww yeah.
This is what happens when you help people <3 The couples are being very supportive~

omgfruits | Oct 14 2011 03:08 pm | Reply
...What exactly was Club Hate expecting? xDD

Club Love (usually) only helps people that ask for it... and we've only seen happy endings so far. xP

Ponyta | Oct 14 2011 04:38 pm | Reply
Of course, some couples that were just not meant to be... and the people who are single... won't always like club love? Maybe?
OMMMGGG Chibi style for the win! :)

CassidyWitchforever | Oct 14 2011 07:40 pm | Reply
Omg I love Julie's shirt. Odd, she kind of looks like my friend and her name is Julie.

CassidyWitchforever | Oct 14 2011 07:54 pm | Reply
I see Trisha & Charlie from chapter 1,Claire and the Alexs from chapter 3

omgfruits | Oct 15 2011 02:30 am | Reply
@Ponyta: Single people aren't the "victims" of Club Love though. They haven't used their services so they don't have any reason to hate Club Love. xP

And of the couples we've seen that "weren't meant to be", they weren't TOTAL disasters. They just didn't get together- There weren't any broken hearts.

ThisNameBetterBeNotTaken | Oct 15 2011 03:30 am | Reply
Club Hate seemed to forget that people need to ask for help first.

Wisknort (Guest) | Oct 15 2011 06:30 am | Reply
With such brilliant perspective (which I shall deviate to applaud), it is clear that in the second-to-last page, Vivian must have either been speaking very quietly, or been heard by students who aren't in Club Love. I am sincerely hoping the former.

Lulu (Guest) | Oct 15 2011 09:12 pm | Reply
What were you expecting Club Hape
Club Love is too cool for you

Seros Senric (Guest) | Oct 16 2011 03:58 am | Reply
This is why they wear disguises. Being the centre of attention makes it hard to do stuff.

Wisknort (Guest) | Oct 17 2011 04:34 am | Reply
@Seros Senric: Eric can still keep them from being the centre of attention.

X3 molls (Guest) | Oct 29 2011 05:14 am | Reply
In the first panel they all look so cute XD

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