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kitaxhaku | Oct 17 2011 08:42 am | Reply
And they allll fallll downnnn! <3 xD

cliffi | Oct 17 2011 09:00 am | Reply
i hope they dont drown in the capes

Lalala (Guest) | Oct 17 2011 09:00 am | Reply
Their fault for thinking they look cool standing over there. HAHA.

daPhyre | Oct 17 2011 01:23 pm | Reply
Not many lonely unhappy people... Are they?

contradiction123 | Oct 17 2011 05:16 pm | Reply
lol like dominoes!

>.>Look At Me<.< | Oct 17 2011 05:19 pm | Reply
...I'll fetch the towels.

omgfruits | Oct 17 2011 05:35 pm | Reply
I suppose that they will take off their cloaks (or like. The water will take it off when they rise to the surface?) and Cora will recognize Phil too... :S I don't see good things coming up...

ShanaFlareon | Oct 17 2011 06:00 pm | Reply
lol and they fall one by one like dominoes

Wisknort (Guest) | Oct 17 2011 10:58 pm | Reply
Just after I was talking to my friend about how no-one had fallen in the pool yet.

Also, that third panel. The expression almost looks like she's happy. It's kinda creepy.

You'd think that they'd work out somewhere along the line to stop grabbing each other and pulling them in...

Quinis | Oct 18 2011 03:02 am | Reply
Oh, no! Save them Club Love!

werekitty13 | Oct 19 2011 06:42 pm | Reply
Only swimmers belong on the blocks. Only swimmers get to be shoved off the blocks. By other swimmers. Only swimmers get to be that clumsy WHILE on the blocks. Coming from a swimmer.
@>.>Look At Me<.<: Everyone should have a towel on them at all times. They're so useful.

JanaEbb (Guest) | Oct 19 2011 10:38 pm | Reply
@werekitty13 Is that a Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy reference I spot? Dayum. Virtual five!

Wisknort (Guest) | Oct 20 2011 02:19 am | Reply
@JanaEbb: Oh wow! I completely missed that!

Well molls (Guest) | Oct 29 2011 05:12 am | Reply
At least they had fun when they were falling. (but why did they pull each other down?)

Guest (Guest) | Dec 08 2012 03:26 am | Reply
Club Hate was chased by Club Love until they reach the water, Club Love fell down,
but still has the crown,and Club Hate goes tumbling after. :)

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