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first baconbitsboy (Guest) | Oct 20 2011 11:35 pm | Reply

Poodle_willnot_Bark | Oct 20 2011 11:52 pm | Reply
I really love Phil....
Y'know for a kid in club hate, he seems really sweet. <3

Tablix | Oct 20 2011 11:53 pm | Reply
this aint youtube boy :I u cant be first

omgfruits | Oct 20 2011 11:58 pm | Reply
Called it. :3
They aren't fighting though. Good sign. xD;
I like how Amal is the only one that's swimming. xP Everyone else just looks embarrassed. In a way.

Wisknort (Guest) | Oct 21 2011 01:09 am | Reply
@omgfruits: Phil's all happy and grinning in the first panel.

Maybe it's kinda like when I fall backwards off a ledge straight onto LEGO duplo. Painful, but hilarious to me.

JanaEbb (Guest) | Oct 21 2011 07:51 am | Reply
I can't stop laughing at Hailey's face in the first panel.
You know, a little part of me will always ship Cora/Phil... wait, I sense jealousy in the future!

PokemonLuv<3 (Guest) | Oct 21 2011 12:28 pm | Reply

brilliant at breakfast | Oct 21 2011 01:22 pm | Reply
Love how Amal just starts freestyling.

JakeStartledTheWitch (Guest) | Oct 21 2011 02:57 pm | Reply
Amal. You smexy beast.
You are freestyling like a BOSS.

Bartimaeus (Guest) | Oct 21 2011 04:12 pm | Reply
Perhaps an extra win for Club Love?

Lulu (Guest) | Oct 21 2011 05:14 pm | Reply
you are too cool to be in club hate

:) Hiya! (Guest) | Oct 21 2011 07:03 pm | Reply
You know although I think coraxeric is really cute...I kinda like coraxphil better...IDK why! :D Anyways...loving this comic! It's great Rose!

omgfruits | Oct 21 2011 07:11 pm | Reply
@Wisknort: You can still smile while you're embarrassed... His smile looks forced to me... I think it's the eyebrows that make it seem that way. xP

Wisknort (Guest) | Oct 21 2011 08:37 pm | Reply
@omgfruits: That you can, and looking at it again, I can see it like that. But, to me, it more looks natural and an unplanned reaction.

Water Demon! WolfGirl (Guest) | Oct 22 2011 05:19 am | Reply
In the first panel Hailey looks like a evil water demon or something! *imitating Hailey's evil stare*

dhbPATHWAY1997 (Guest) | Oct 22 2011 02:32 pm | Reply
I can see it now: a love triangle! Phil likes Cora, so he asks her out, and Cora says yes. This makes Eric extreeeeeemely jealous, which inspires a chain of events ending in a happy relationship for Cora and Eric. :3

werekitty13 | Oct 22 2011 08:55 pm | Reply
Hmmm... This might upset the CoraxEric shipping... CoraxPhil, anyone?

passerby (Guest) | Oct 23 2011 03:03 am | Reply
As much as I love Cora/Eric, I'm starting to ship Cora/Phil xD;; And I don't really get how Phil could be in Club Hate ):

Amal x)

Sam (Guest) | Oct 23 2011 07:08 am | Reply
Yeah good job Cora. Bending like that in a skirt. Such a good idea.

I don't understand camelCase | Oct 23 2011 03:09 pm | Reply
Why is Phil in Club Hate? He is way too happy with life, it seems. He's always smiling! Also I do like Cora x Phil better, but only because Eric won't man up!

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