I will finish coloring this later today! Also, while I was drawing this I realized that I didn't draw any ladders in the pool last time... I should go back and fix that or else everyone will drown like in The Sims. :P

Edit: Ok, now it's colored normally. Still have to fix the ladder problem though!
Rosie11 | Oct 27 2011 11:21 pm | Reply
Advertisement | Nov 16 2019 09:17 pm | Reply

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yokainomiko | Oct 27 2011 11:39 pm | Reply
Haha, I didn't even notice the ladder thing!

Is Hailey in the same year as Lilly and Oliver? I'm curious about how they know each other :O

tykat92 | Oct 28 2011 12:34 am | Reply
I don't know. Last time I tried to purposefully drown my Sim, they just crawled out on their own, ruining everything ):

daPhyre | Oct 28 2011 02:07 am | Reply
Don't tell me because she's in love or alike or I would... I would.. I have no idea!!! XD

PokemonLuv<3 (Guest) | Oct 28 2011 08:26 am | Reply
What, there isn't any shading on this one?

Flari | Oct 28 2011 11:43 am | Reply
somehow oliver looks even more gay in this one than in any other strip... might be due to big shoulders / thin waist...

Pyua | Oct 29 2011 01:18 am | Reply
lol the sims.

Kintrex (Guest) | Oct 29 2011 01:21 pm | Reply
I know why! She was in love with a boy who Club Love helped find a girlfriend!

Graham (Guest) | Oct 30 2011 02:07 am | Reply
Um... Sudden art change?

Hiya! :) (Guest) | Oct 30 2011 05:48 pm | Reply
@Graham: She said she would finish coloring it...not that she changed her art. :)

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