I didn't want to dwell on Hailey's story too much, but I guess I made it too rushed. Oh well, that can be on the list of things that I would fix if I ever went back and fixed all the mistakes in CL. :P

Updates this week will be sporadic since I'm flying to Portland for a conference, but I'm bringing my laptop and tablet so I'll work on the next comic whenever I have a chance.
Rosie11 | Nov 07 2011 07:56 am | Reply
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contradiction123 | Nov 04 2011 04:37 pm | Reply
That's it? Just because of that? I thought she had a bigger motive... But I guess I would be pretty sad too, but I wouldn't blame 'em.

cupEcake | Nov 04 2011 05:30 pm | Reply
well people do things for crazy reasons sometimes...
hopefully this will mark the disbandment of club hate... :)

CalistaCousland | Nov 04 2011 06:59 pm | Reply
aww(: maybe phil sent a flower, and now he has to give it to hailey himself... that would be adorable!(:

PokemonLuv<3 (Guest) | Nov 04 2011 08:35 pm | Reply
Pfft, Oliver that's cheating.

Wisknort (Guest) | Nov 04 2011 08:41 pm | Reply
@PokemonLuv<3: Hmm... That's kinda the whole point of his power.

BunnyRemix (Guest) | Nov 05 2011 12:09 am | Reply
...really? You know, this chapter started off interesting, but...well, that was really anti-climactic. I thought Club Love inadvertently ruined her relationship somehow. Like, they set her boyfriend up with someone else who requested it, not knowing he wasn't single. Or, I dunno, something like that. Apparently, she was just being petty and immature. Kind of a let down. I mean, it makes no sense why she would blame them. That's like blaming Ben & Jerry's every time you get brainfreeze.

Sorry to sound like a whiner. I really did like this chapter up until this point. It would've been cool to see a rival group running around, creating more conflict for the story. Even then, it'd still be nicer if the group leader at least had a real motive instead of...whatever THIS was.

omgfruits | Nov 05 2011 12:29 am | Reply
@BunnyRemix: I hate to say it... but I kinda agree with you. :S

I actually kinda liked Hailey up until we found out that she really just misjudged the situation and wrongfully took it out on Club Love...

But I still like the idea of what @CalistaCousland said. :)

Grace (Guest) | Nov 05 2011 10:32 am | Reply
I don't know. I think this kind of shows that love is a delicate thing. Even something minor like giving out roses can still have a strong effect on people.

Hailey was wrong to hold a grudge against Club Love, but her actual motivation was understandable - the pain of being dumped.

*Suki* | Nov 05 2011 03:09 pm | Reply
;A; -hugs Hailey-

Betsy | Nov 06 2011 07:54 am | Reply
To RedRob, etc.--people hate other people/organizations/things/other races/other cultures/etc. ALL THE TIME for really dumb reasons and sometimes single events. Hailey's just lucky that she had Oliver instead of years of therapy. ;-)

BunnyRemix (Guest) | Nov 09 2011 11:02 am | Reply
@Betsy: Still a cop-out, though.

JanaEbb (Guest) | Nov 12 2011 09:52 pm | Reply
Come on, people! I have a feeling there will be epic Coric romancing in this chapter! ;)


Wisknort (Guest) | Nov 13 2011 03:10 am | Reply
@JanaEbb: I'm definitely hoping for it.

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