I wanted to give anyone who's reading this an idea of everyone's hair color, etc, so this one is in color. But I don't have enough time right now to color every comic, sorry.

Oh, and if you don't understand why Cora's laughing in the last panel, try saying Eric's codename aloud. ;)
Rosie11 | May 24 2010 08:37 am | Reply
Advertisement | Jul 20 2018 09:17 pm | Reply

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cupEcake | May 22 2010 02:54 pm | Reply
lol cute

Mr. T werekitty13 (Guest) | Jun 03 2010 05:36 pm | Reply
You should have named him Todd or Ted or something like that. I pity da fool.

Nanno | Jun 27 2010 03:05 am | Reply
Eric looks so manly :0 (I think it's his nose and chest)
So! Cora's should be Misses C! (haha, Mr+Mrs~?) Yeah, I like how it's a play on 'mystery'

Jem4ever (Guest) | Jul 22 2010 12:31 am | Reply
Im re reading this for the second time and i JUST noticed that their names spell out LOVE XD Im such a failure lol

hehe Mister E = Mystery haha

iAndrya | Oct 06 2010 11:45 pm | Reply
So... if their names spell Love, where does Cor-- Oh.


I'm also rereading! xD

LXwife=Lily, Miss L (Guest) | Oct 11 2010 02:16 pm | Reply
Wow cool! Lilys codename is so... Death note like. Like someone married L from death note, and people who know L (only as L) and know they got married (of course know L as person) and suddenly L and wife got a baby girl and when she grew up and people would call her Miss, and for those who know L blah blah blah, suddnly call her Miss L (drawing of L here)

denoyelle85 | Oct 12 2010 08:52 am | Reply
sad that you can't color every comic panel, it put's so much more quality on the whole comic.
Anyway, cute comic :)

omgfruits | Oct 16 2010 02:56 am | Reply
Am I the only one that though Miss L sounded like missile? .__.

By the way, I'm rereading this~ xD It's so cute. :3

Passerby | Oct 30 2010 10:49 pm | Reply
I just noticed that Cora didn't introduce herself yet but they know her name xD

jaxxy | Jan 22 2011 02:10 am | Reply
Great characters!!

RS (Guest) | Feb 12 2011 08:52 pm | Reply
"Miss L." Kinda like SPM's Mister L.

OOHHH Cute2KnowU | Oct 14 2013 06:50 pm | Reply
OH! Color!

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