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Kat (Guest) | Jul 08 2010 12:51 am | Reply
Why does Eric dislike Cora?
If the reason is obvious i'm possibly being clueless! XD

Rosie11 | Aug 06 2010 10:07 pm | Reply
There's no obvious reason. He might just be a grumpy guy.

CometTheMicroraptor | Aug 07 2010 11:27 am | Reply
I decided to go back and reread the comic from the beginning, and I still think Eric and Cora need to get together. x3

RS (Guest) | Oct 02 2010 06:17 pm | Reply
OMG.i thought that too!
I know love when i see it!(okay,maybe...just in movies,books and stuff...but,i'm not sure in real life)

tezzle | Oct 09 2010 05:04 pm | Reply
He dislikes her because he secretly has a mad crazy crush on her...Or maybe it's a different reason that isn't so cliche. Hopefully the latter.

Merione | Nov 26 2010 01:02 am | Reply
.......i don't SEE the HATE CORA face in Eric whenever he talks to her.....just a lil' blush..

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