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Mango (Guest) | May 27 2011 03:11 pm | Reply
Worst slump ever. Who puts their hands like that!?

ayanechan | Jul 08 2011 07:22 am | Reply
that is so mean mango!!! wait was it meant in a mean way......?_?

CareBearCara101 | Nov 18 2011 02:40 pm | Reply
Ha! I slump like that<3

Guest | Nov 22 2011 02:28 pm | Reply
A proper slump begins with both hands resting palm down on the surface in front of you with your head resting forward at approximately 45°, followed by a quick sliding backwards of your seat while your head moves closer to the surface in front of you and your palms face forward with your fingers together and thumbs touching. This action is displayed by Cora as she announces "I have history...".

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