I meant not to put in a lot of pop culture references, but I couldn't resist bringing up Heroes. It's a TV show about a bunch of people who each have some certain power - regeneration, flying, etc. But, as Lilly said, their powers are more impressive than Club Love's.
Rosie11 | May 24 2010 08:54 am | Reply
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JackSkell (Guest) | Jun 02 2010 11:01 pm | Reply
Haha. Awesome reference. but did you that Heroes was canceled? D:

Merione | Nov 26 2010 01:15 am | Reply

CelestaSabari | Feb 09 2012 06:13 pm | Reply
Some of those networks are idiots they did the same thing with Firefly and now it is a cult classic. I don't understand what they are thinking either. Maybe they ran out of ideas or the actors wouldn't do another season or something. I loved that show.

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