I got this idea from the game The World Ends with You. In that game, you can read people's thoughts all the time, but usually they're not thinking anything useful.

You see, if Lilly tried to use her power to cheat on a test, she would probably waste all her time concentrating and only hear "oh no, I'm running out of time!", "I'm glad I studied for this," etc. Also she's not that dishonest. ;)
Rosie11 | May 24 2010 08:55 am | Reply
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Meg-comics | Jun 10 2010 08:57 pm | Reply
So Lilly can read the "superficial" thoughts, not deep ones (like information or secrets), isn't it? ;)

oh my gosh! PepperTheBakaInu | Sep 03 2010 07:10 pm | Reply
I love World Ends With You! and this comic, it's so cute!!!

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