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tezzle | Oct 09 2010 05:19 pm | Reply
"I would never kid about that, sweetie...The rabbits...Oh God they tell me things...HORRIBLE THINGS! OH GOD NOOOOO!"-*click!* *dial tone*.....

Colleen (Guest) | Jul 03 2011 05:51 pm | Reply
"Did i say talking to rabbits?! What i meant to say was... uh... hopping to rabbits! Yeah! It's a way to approach a rabbit in it's natural habitat without scaring it away! Make it think your one of it's kind and gaining it's trust..."
*roommate is slightly more creeped out by the second phrase than the first.*

SupaNova (Guest) | Jun 16 2012 02:20 pm | Reply
I love these comments XD

QuietGrace | Apr 12 2014 09:22 pm | Reply
Oh man, the first two comments had me laughing for a solid minute!

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