This is really the purpose of Club Love. Sometimes not being in love is just as important as being in love.
Rosie11 | May 24 2010 08:58 am | Reply
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MaryTee | Jun 10 2010 01:53 pm | Reply
It wasn't so bad before, though, no?
I mean, it was to find TRUE love. If Mark was just after her cos he wanted to challenge himself, that's not true love. :D But whatever~

FailureConfetti | Jul 02 2010 09:22 am | Reply
*agrees with MaryTee*

Colleen (Guest) | Jul 03 2011 06:02 pm | Reply
V: *changes mission statement* BWAHAHAHAH! Loopholes!
O: Uh, shouldn't you check with the club heads before you go changing our mission statement?
V: screw the club heads! I'M THE ONLY POWAH!
O:... what?
V: Get him Claude!

Haha i joke, still love this comic!

QuietGrace | Apr 12 2014 09:28 pm | Reply
@Colleen (guest): Ohmigoodness~ I love this. I want to use this.

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