Viv can be a little blunt sometimes. As for Mark, he's not crazy. He just gets way too into everything. When he was at an impressionable age, someone he respected a lot told him, "real men are passionate about everything." (No, not really. XD I think that's just his personality.)
Rosie11 | May 24 2010 09:03 am | Reply
Advertisement | Jun 19 2018 03:19 am | Reply

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Merione | Nov 26 2010 01:36 am | Reply
...........thats the problem with competitive people.....they have a very TIRING WANT IT ALL...may as well say GREEDY...

AngelInStrawberry | May 16 2011 02:44 pm | Reply
"no shes realy stupid and meen like a devil"
I think i found her sister o.o

Colleen (Guest) | Jul 03 2011 06:23 pm | Reply
V: In fact, she's a straight up b****
*everyone gawks at Vivian*
E: Geeze V, tell us how you really feel.
I joke, of course!

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