Has it ever happened that you thought you were alone and started talking to yourself, but actually there was someone else there? :P

I'll try to draw more consistent backgrounds... but it takes so long! I just need more practice, I guess.
Rosie11 | May 22 2010 12:43 pm | Reply
Advertisement | Jul 20 2018 09:10 pm | Reply

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Micchiru | May 22 2010 01:05 pm | Reply
This is so cute. I love the character designs!

Last Stop | May 22 2010 10:32 pm | Reply
Your art is just so addicting! I really love it 8D

cliffi | May 23 2010 08:06 pm | Reply
awe this comic is so cute :]

Pyua | May 24 2010 05:53 pm | Reply
I wonder what kind of game...
Maybe M.A.S.H?
Or some love simulation? x3
Oh, btw, do you plan on making Cora fall in love herself? Somewhere in comic gave me a hint... *nudge nudge* >3

CuteFuzzyWerewolf | May 24 2010 10:03 pm | Reply
Happens to me all the time. :3

...normally said person/people stare at me with a strange expression on their faces...

Rosie11 | May 25 2010 09:09 am | Reply
Thanks, everyone!
Pyua: I should have thought of something like that, but I just drew a normal game. As for Cora falling in love... you'll just have to wait and see! ;)

daPhyre (Guest) | May 25 2010 12:27 pm | Reply
Oh no!! The last time a computer asked that was in a movie in wich the game almost unleashed the thermonuclear war!! Ahhh!!! oO

(Sorry, movies that I see =P)

The new place is nice, I'll keep watching your webcomic ;)

Wargames Joe (Guest) | May 26 2010 06:07 am | Reply

CZeke | May 26 2010 09:06 pm | Reply
A strange game. The only winning move is not to play.

*Suki* | May 27 2010 05:58 pm | Reply
XD How come I got reminded of SAW?

Kukishi | Jan 19 2011 10:09 pm | Reply
XDD I got reminded of SAW also, my first thought after reading the last line

mmmm? Gold_Osburn (Guest) | Mar 01 2012 12:36 am | Reply
CL 3.02 that PC is so dsrding.
He side "Would you like to play a game."

Guest | Mar 23 2012 11:52 pm | Reply
@Rosie11 All the time! Lol! It was very awkward.... :P

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