Hi, everyone! Ok, so this site has been up for a couple days but today I've finally finished fixing up the site and told everyone on my old site to come here, so I just wanted to say welcome!

Dear new readers: It makes me really happy to see that I already have so many Smack Jeeves readers and fans! Thanks for your support!

Dear old readers: I think that this site is going to be better than the old one. Thanks for reading!

By the way, the game that Cora is playing is one that I made: Longcat: the Game. (But you don't play with the mouse, silly Cora.)
Rosie11 | May 25 2010 09:16 am | Reply
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Love it Tichicken (Guest) | May 25 2010 04:23 am | Reply
Just finished reading all the previous pages. Can't wait for more.

Leona | May 25 2010 04:34 am | Reply
This is such an adorable comic!!

Rai Tei | May 25 2010 08:17 am | Reply
SJ is indeed a more lovable host :3

Guesty | May 25 2010 02:47 pm | Reply
Such a cute story so far! I adore it!

Betsy (Guest) | May 25 2010 03:11 pm | Reply
Congratulations on the move and I've got you bookmarked!

*follows the comic* LeoDrake | May 25 2010 04:11 pm | Reply
Been reading this since early in its run on CG; moving to SJ just means it's easier to keep track of updates! Enjoyed it so far, and looking forward to more!

HaKu10 | May 25 2010 06:03 pm | Reply
Wow, I finished the whole thing, and I'm hooked! It's so cute, I love it! Keep it up! I'm waiting for the 100th page to show up! ;)

Chihaya | May 25 2010 08:38 pm | Reply
found this comic browsing and I love it so far <3 Can't wait for new updates!

The uniforms are awesome XD

Pieces (Guest) | May 25 2010 09:24 pm | Reply
But arn't they gonna wait for Eric?

Catiris | May 26 2010 05:25 pm | Reply
hehe such a cute comic! Simple and clean <3

:) Personish (Guest) | May 26 2010 05:55 pm | Reply
This is a cute comic : D. It's kind of cheesy but I love that about it!

Rosie11 | May 27 2010 09:33 am | Reply
Thank you, everyone! :D

FailureConfetti | Jul 02 2010 09:32 am | Reply
Long cat?

RS (Guest) | Oct 02 2010 06:38 pm | Reply
Shoulda played Mario Worker...

Merione | Nov 26 2010 01:50 am | Reply
I WANT TO SWITCH MY DADDY'S LAPTOP FOR CLAUDE!!!XXDD if my dad catches me playing games till midnight then i'll say "Claude was LONELY!!,"......then he'd shut up....

mananabiscuit | Jul 17 2011 06:50 am | Reply
Strange club procedure x_x

CassidyWitchforever | Oct 22 2011 12:40 pm | Reply
Omigosh. Cora's playing snake!

shaylah (Guest) | Jun 18 2012 07:14 pm | Reply
haha lol longcat i love that game its so addicting XD

Long cat Hermione (Guest) | Sep 27 2012 03:56 pm | Reply
OMFSM!Thats your longcat game! Its so much fun, and well made to. I actually found this comic from the link you put in the games info spot!

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