This is the 100th comic! Hooray! I'm happy that I've been able to keep this up. I think I've improved since I started (or maybe I just started spending more time on each strip...) In any case, thanks to everyone who's been reading and commenting! You're the reason that I stay up late to finish strips on time (note: it would be better if I finished the comics ahead of time.) Ok, I'm rambling. I'm working on something fun but it's not done yet, so check again tomorrow. Anyway, here's to another 100 comics!
Rosie11 | Jun 02 2010 09:20 pm | Reply
Advertisement | May 20 2019 03:58 am | Reply
Thanks, everyone! I'm glad that you're all enjoying it.

The thing that I've been working on is a Club Love t-shirt. The main reason I made it is because my sisters wanted CL shirts, but here's the website in case anyone else wants one!
Rosie11 | Jun 03 2010 07:52 pm | Reply

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Koi19 | Jun 02 2010 11:15 pm | Reply
Congratulations! Looking forward to the next 100! ;)

cliffi | Jun 02 2010 11:29 pm | Reply
congratz ! keep it up :]

*Suki* | Jun 03 2010 12:03 am | Reply
Love the smiles, and CONGRATS!! -huggles an Eric plushie.- <3

Rai Tei | Jun 03 2010 09:10 am | Reply
100 comics isn't a big achievement you know? :p

anyways, for the tradition: congratulations.

You are improving, that's for sure!

daPhyre (Guest) | Jun 03 2010 02:40 pm | Reply
Congratulations!!! 100 is a lot!! Is great that this comic is going so great ;)

So, who might it be this Alex Wray? We'll have to see next comic...

jgh jgh | Jun 03 2010 03:48 pm | Reply
Wow! 100!! I love it and am so glad you're keeping it up.

Ponyta | Jun 03 2010 05:41 pm | Reply
DunDUnDUndDuuuunnn XD "Alex Wray"?

Congratulations James (Guest) | Jun 03 2010 09:53 pm | Reply
Great job so far! Keep it up.

TELL US Betsy | Jun 03 2010 11:14 pm | Reply
I can't wait! I must know more about Alex Wray! TELL ME NOW! And also... I got a CL T shirt and I can't wait till it comes!

Miss Kara (Guest) | Jun 04 2010 12:52 am | Reply
Dear gods, please tell me Alex Wray is the girl on the chapter title page ><

Congrats on the hundred pages! ^_^ This is a great comic to read when you want a pick me up.

Kellysterhabit | Jun 04 2010 01:10 am | Reply
I love this comic SO MUCH! :3 Congrats!!

werekitty13 (Guest) | Jun 04 2010 01:49 pm | Reply
Well, Alex Wray is probably NOT the other girl. Alex Wray is probably the guy. :(

conchin | Jun 04 2010 08:21 pm | Reply
Love the story so far and the art.<33 I look forward to the next update. xD

MarieRee | Jun 13 2010 08:58 pm | Reply
>w< So cute~ Love your comic so much :D

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