Alex Wray is indeed a girl, as I'm sure many of you suspected.

Thanks for all the comments. It's fun to read everyone's predictions about the comic. :)

By the way, Vivian isn't in the drama club - she just knows about it because she's in the AV club.
Rosie11 | Jun 05 2010 01:33 am | Reply
Advertisement | Jul 20 2018 09:21 pm | Reply

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Kellysterhabit | Jun 05 2010 05:12 am | Reply
I didnt suspect that at all XD
I love Claude's expression! lol

*Suki* | Jun 05 2010 12:32 pm | Reply
Poor Claude XD

anime554 | Jun 05 2010 12:46 pm | Reply
I kinda had a feeling that Alex Wray is a girl. :P

Koi19 | Jun 05 2010 04:35 pm | Reply
Is it just me or does Cora always have that pleasantly surprised expression on?

KK (Guest) | Jun 05 2010 06:17 pm | Reply
I wou;dn't call that expression "pleasantly surprised", more of "slightly creepy smile".

daPhyre (Guest) | Jun 05 2010 07:18 pm | Reply
Cora looks quite in shock for the new in the third frame XD'...
I didn't suspected that... So... Which Alex will it be? o-o

werekitty13 (Guest) | Jun 05 2010 07:52 pm | Reply
Huh. So we might see a lesbian after all. Maybe. That would indeed be interesting, and although I wasn't expecting anything like that, this is a comic about love. Homos are probably going to show up sooner or later. @kate: If you want to read a girl-girl comic, check out "When She Was Bad." It's at if you decide to look at it.

Why didn't I start reading this sooner? PaperPlatePhace | Jun 05 2010 09:30 pm | Reply
I just started reading your comic and thought you should know that this is fabulous. :'D

It's not a "this is a blatant joke, now you laugh" kind of comic strip series, and I like that about this.

By the way, I like Eric/Vivian. Hahaha. I'm weird.

kittycatcupcakes | Jun 05 2010 09:45 pm | Reply
rly didnt see this coming O:

cliffi | Jun 05 2010 09:59 pm | Reply
woah ! :] this is soo cute :D

Miss Kara (Guest) | Jun 06 2010 08:23 am | Reply
Yes! ^_^ Sweet, beautiful yes! ^_^ And on Pride Day too ^_^ This was a nice surprise :P Even if the crush doesn't turn out to be the girl, it's at least nice to know Club Love deals with ALL kinds of love ^_^

Sheepii-bear | Jun 07 2010 01:44 am | Reply
Was expecting a girl possibilty. How nice of Love Club to be open to all relantionships.

Maggerz | Jun 24 2010 04:51 am | Reply
Hooray for lesbians!

Merione | Nov 26 2010 01:52 am | Reply
........claire's GAY??

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