In case it's not clear, Lilly and Viv are playing that game where the last person to touch her nose has to do whatever no one wants to do.

Oh, I got some more really cute fanart! (I put a link in the extras section as usual.) Thanks to everyone who's been reading!
Rosie11 | Jun 14 2010 10:52 pm | Reply
Advertisement | Jul 20 2018 09:21 pm | Reply

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*Suki* | Jun 15 2010 12:02 am | Reply
XD I like how Cora is so naive.

Nose-goes! LotusQueen | Jun 15 2010 12:22 am | Reply
Haha! That's how my debate team decided who would give the final statement! Looking back on it maybe we should have put more thought into it...

Marbles | Jun 15 2010 03:57 am | Reply
This is too cute! ;^;

Viva-Choro-Okay_x | Jun 15 2010 04:13 am | Reply
Haha, that can't be fair if she doesn't have a clue about the nose thing xD
I'ma loving this comic :3

Clara (Guest) | Jun 15 2010 06:22 am | Reply
NOSE GOES! reminds me of good old westtown dinner table days.

day-dream-shteen | Jun 15 2010 10:13 am | Reply
noo! not the nose game! D= i always lose that game...XD

KK (Guest) | Jun 15 2010 12:10 pm | Reply
Bah! Nose goes is overrated! Try meatloaf instead (last person standing up)

Ponyta | Jun 15 2010 03:20 pm | Reply
Awwwwwwww That game is kewl :P

BakaMonMon | Jun 16 2010 07:38 am | Reply
I remember playing the not it game XD and still do sometimes

Wow :P (Guest) | Jun 16 2010 09:53 am | Reply
When i started reading, i was unsure if this was a boring lovey dovey comic, but it seems to be an awesome lovey dovey comic. (Still think the costumes are a little.. too much?)Btw, i love Cora!

Maggerz | Jun 24 2010 04:55 am | Reply
Cora's so cute n.n

My brother always plays nose goes for everything. I've grown to hate it.

Guest | Nov 22 2011 03:12 pm | Reply

LPSgal10 (Guest) | Dec 01 2011 04:25 pm | Reply
@Rosie11: i noticed it was the 'not it' game when i saw it lol me and my friends do that all the time xD

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