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PaperPlatePhace | Jun 17 2010 01:02 am | Reply
Oh Cora. You're such a cute little creeper. c:

Viva-Choro-Okay_x | Jun 17 2010 05:34 am | Reply
Very odd that she's stood in a toilet cubicle xD

cupEcake | Jun 17 2010 06:55 am | Reply
ahaha i love her peeking thru the books...
and the little boots under the toilet stall door....heheeh so cute.

coolpilot | Jun 17 2010 11:03 am | Reply
Well, this is potentially problematic...

And I like the book peaking Cora too. ;)

Betsy | Jun 17 2010 11:17 am | Reply
I like the girl she's talking to in the bathroom. Put her in the next story, okay? :-)

Samielly | Jun 17 2010 04:19 pm | Reply
Is Alexander Kim looking at Cora or Alex Wray?

Oh my gosh, is this gonna be a love triangle?

Cora is SOOO cute btw. Love the comic!

Kasbunny | Jun 17 2010 04:20 pm | Reply
Ooh, I really hope the Alex she likes is girl Alex. hehe;; And the girl in panel three is so cute!!

This is problematic though, haha. Poor Cora.

cliffi | Jun 17 2010 10:45 pm | Reply
nice pink ugg boots hiding in the stall

Rennakins | Jun 17 2010 11:21 pm | Reply
This is such a cute comic. :) I just read all of it up until now and I can't wait for the upcoming pages. <3

PV (Guest) | Jun 18 2010 05:07 pm | Reply
The eyes look like Claire->Alex Kim->Alex Wray->Claire in the first panel. Or I may be projecting because I want a perfect love triangle and they're actually both looking at Alex Wray, and it's because she's talking. But in the picture two panels ago of the three of them together, it still likes like Alex Kim->Alex Wray->Claire, so maybe?

Colleen (Guest) | Jul 03 2011 06:52 pm | Reply
Hahah, Coral being a total ninja! And no one stops to say, "hey, what's with Pinkalicious over there?"

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