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Guest | Jul 05 2010 11:13 pm | Reply
Wow, this is an interesting situation!

...I wouldn't suppose it might turn into a love triangle, where Alex Wray likes Claire, and Claire likes Alex Kim, but Alex Kim likes Alex Wray?

That would certainly be complicated. xD

*Suki* | Jul 05 2010 11:16 pm | Reply
XD I'm wondering if she really does like male Alex or if she's a closet..yeah XD

contego | Jul 06 2010 01:44 am | Reply
im starting to think well find out that she liked wray but is waaaay to shy
or or or or she likes both of them and doesnt want to choose 1 or the other!
modern trios RULE!

DarSasu | Jul 06 2010 06:23 am | Reply
That's right Eric, just stand in the corner trying to look cool and not putting anything in...
I think she likes Alex Wray, and that she just got nervous suddenly when Alex said she had something to tell claire, and she started to overthink things and left. I do it. but it turns out never to be a confession.

werekitty13 | Jul 06 2010 01:28 pm | Reply
...Maaaaybe Claire DID have to do something and just had no idea of the importance of what Alex was going to say!

Azura-chan | Jul 07 2010 05:12 pm | Reply
yeeeeaah I second what DarSasu saaay

DreamClaw | Jul 08 2010 09:26 am | Reply
I was thinking she anticipated what Alex Wray was about to say and ran away before she could actually get her hops up.

Irony Joe (Guest) | Aug 21 2010 09:39 pm | Reply
It's going to be funny if it's the the other Alex. ;)

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