I guess I should explain: Mister E's power is disguise. So even though the teacher sees him there, he can't recognize him as "a new guy". Got it? :P
As you can see I'm changing the website a little. I thought it was a little too pink (gasp) so I'm trying a different background. What do you think?
Rosie11 | Jul 08 2010 08:32 am | Reply
Advertisement | Jul 20 2018 09:21 pm | Reply

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Syerra | Jul 07 2010 11:13 pm | Reply
lawl, he blends in with chairs? sneaky~

BubbleOverlord | Jul 07 2010 11:32 pm | Reply
That's the best cover EVER! :D Very sneaky indeed.

daPhyre (Guest) | Jul 08 2010 12:10 am | Reply
Nice! Infiltration. New mission begins =P

*Suki* (Guest) | Jul 08 2010 02:27 am | Reply
Looking hot, Eric. :D

HaKu10 | Jul 08 2010 02:55 am | Reply

Rai Tei (Guest) | Jul 08 2010 04:48 am | Reply
So, Mister E is using his powers?

brilliant at breakfast | Jul 08 2010 09:47 am | Reply
Ha ha, I love his sneaky little grin!

Spazington | Jul 08 2010 02:45 pm | Reply
haha Eric, you and your creeper grin~ aaa I love him~.

I absolutely love the changes to the layout, btw <33

:3 Sheepii-bear | Jul 09 2010 02:25 am | Reply
Eric`s little grin here is the best XD

Mochi (Guest) | Jul 09 2010 02:31 am | Reply
@ Syerra: He isn't blending in with the chairs. If he did the teacher wouldn't count an extra person. C'mon, think. The author even explained it!

Rosie11 | Jul 09 2010 09:21 am | Reply
@ Mochi: No, Syerra's not wrong. The fact that Eric is blending in helps with his disguise. And I only posted my explanation after Syerra posted her comment, so there's no reason to be snarky.

PaperPlatePhace | Jul 09 2010 08:20 pm | Reply
I like the new background color. :>
I think it would have been funnier if he disguised all 5 of them and then the teacher was like, "WAIT! WAIT! I KNOW HOW TO COUNT, BUT WHY ARE THERE 5 MORE PEOPLE THAN USUAL?"

Meg-comics | Jul 13 2010 11:08 pm | Reply
Hahah! Aww I love Eric I said and I'll say it, always!

About the background... personally I prefer red and pinks colours so I don't like that light violet 'cause it make me feel sad, not "that sad" but it's a little bit. I donĀ“t know if I express well, sorry. I suggest a light very light red, it could combinate with the Club love's uniform =D

mika0308 | Apr 02 2011 03:38 am | Reply
I wish people does has that power in real life X)

Colleen (Guest) | Jul 03 2011 07:09 pm | Reply
E: Hahahah, I FOOLS U ALL!
Student 1: hey did you just hear something?
Student 2: Nope,
Student 1: Neither did I! *highfives*

PokemonLuv<3 (Guest) | Jul 25 2011 07:11 pm | Reply
Eric is the most adorable 'lil creeper EVAR <3

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