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Rennakins | Jul 12 2010 11:21 pm | Reply
Ooooohhh so suspensefullll .o.
I wanna knowwwww~

daPhyre (Guest) | Jul 12 2010 11:39 pm | Reply
Might the Club Love found the answer to their quest? Or these two kids are just really great actors? We will have to find it out in the next chapter!!

Matalina | Jul 12 2010 11:40 pm | Reply
I like the heart on the curtain in the last panel <3

DarSasu | Jul 13 2010 06:29 am | Reply
Both their cheeks r red! This means something! Either they r really, really, really good actors, orrrrrrrrrr: They like each other. Who can control their blushing like that!? Eeeeep! But... poor Alex, she obviously likes Claire, but so does the other Alex and she likes him back or--urgH~! club love has a tough one!

emmsie_bby | Jul 13 2010 12:33 pm | Reply
I love how they're sparkling in the first two panels. xD

ToxicRainy | Jul 13 2010 03:49 pm | Reply
Aww ): I still think its sad that girl Alex got treated unfairly, she w=must be hurting alot since they are up there doing uhh *cough* sappy movie scene *cough* 8D

ToxicRainy | Jul 13 2010 03:51 pm | Reply
Also, there are sparkles..Edward Cullen must be around...ewww. >.<

sonicolefan101 (Guest) | Jul 13 2010 04:31 pm | Reply
club love did it again! 8D*happy dance*

*Suki* | Jul 13 2010 05:40 pm | Reply
Awww ;u;

Tornadotrailer | Jul 13 2010 10:43 pm | Reply
SO SUSPENSEFUL! I can't wait for the next page!

Abild | Jul 14 2010 06:46 am | Reply
Oooh, I really hope they're just good actors, to be honest! But I guess there's no way Claire will end up with Girl-Alex, after she ditched her in the park like that.

oi (Guest) | Jul 14 2010 12:48 pm | Reply
wow... i have noooo idea why so many people want her to be gay!? i mean there r so many gay comics on smack jeeves already it's not even cool any more. go read one of those if you don't like this sheesh.

ya (Guest) | Jul 14 2010 12:50 pm | Reply
i agree with oi! i mean a couple of years ago like in 2008 and 07 it wuz considerd adding spice when there wuz a guy person or couple in a comic. but now it's just getting pretty predictable. i don't think avery comic has 2 have gay couples.

Reply to Oi and Ya Me (Guest) | Jul 14 2010 03:22 pm | Reply
Oi and Ya, it's not that I want there to be a gay couple in this comic. I just thought that the female Alex was treated unfairly by Claire. She could've at least stayed and heard her out.

Rosie11 | Jul 14 2010 07:25 pm | Reply
I thought I'd put in a few words as the author of the comic.

@ "ya-oi": I wouldn't add gay characters just to "add spice." Club Love is about love, and it's not restricted it to heterosexual love. Also, I don't really appreciate that you posted twice in order to trick others.

@ bruh: I deleted your comment because of offensive language.

I'm glad that everyone is expressing their opinions, but please be polite. :)

Guest (Guest) | Jul 14 2010 09:55 pm | Reply
I like this part Its so sweet!!!

RS (Guest) | Oct 02 2010 06:45 pm | Reply
that doesn't seem right...ima chargin mah lazor...

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